~Thrifty Find~

Re-designing our 16 year old girl's room on a budget has been so enjoyable. Instead of running out to various home good stores to buy eveything ready-made I have sourced a few accessories for her room from the thrift store. 

It seems that thrift stores here on the west have caught onto us bloggers and their prices reflect that {grrr..}, 
despite that I have managed to find some diamonds in the rough.

I spotted this ceramic bird in all it's shiny glazed glory,  

Using a little white spray paint ...

  it becomes a chic accessory for her bedside table.

Last week I discovered a small local thrift shop where I found this beautiful metallic dish, perfect for storing her jewellry and hair ties she removes at bedtime.

Now I can't wait to replace her wobbly bedside table.

 I visited Ikea on Friday and bought this to hack {I am hoping to work on that today}:

They were out of this:

source: Ikea

They told me to check back in a few weeks as they are undergoing renos and have put ordering fabric on hold -hmph! 

Guess the drapes will wait. I did buy some other fabric to replace her hideous venetian mini blinds - my plan is to make a roman blind!

The projects never end around here but I am having FUN!


  1. Wonderful thrift store finds Barbara. The little bird is adorable. Seriously, your daughter must think you are the coolest Mom for working on her room! And great minds think alike - I'm working on a Roman shade too. It's for my laundry room which has gone with out any window treatment for 5 years! I made a Roman shade for the last place I lived - about 7 years ago, I think. I wish I could remember exactly how I did it! We will have to compare notes.

  2. Love the bird. Big difference.

  3. The bird turned out awesome and I adore the vignette on the side table! Angie xo

  4. Amazing what a little paint can do!

  5. Oh I love the bird, see what some spray paint can do and the dish is darling!!

  6. I am a nut for birds and I would have never thought to paint it white -- love that!

  7. Isn't thrift store shopping fun? It feels extra good when you find exactly what you are looking for second hand, at a great price (maybe). I shop almost everything second hand! And I adore your simple bird makeover =)

  8. I love the bird - he looks so modern and chic in white :-) I did the same thing with a not-so-attractive plastic elephant from the Dollar Store. Now he's a much-improved handsome oil rubbed bronze elephant :-)

    Have fun doing the Ikea hack!

    Wouldn't we get bored if the projects ever did end?!



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