{happy thanksgiving to my american friends}

While we lived in the US {Virginia} for only a few years, we embraced and enjoyed Thanksgiving. You Americans sure know how to kick off the Christmas season with a big huge party! 

I loved how the neighbourhood became quiet on Thanksgiving, with the aroma of turkey baking in the air. I loved how the next day was a Christmas decorating blitz, both outside and inside homes. After moving back to Canada, I found our Thanksgiving, which is early October, just didn't have the same excitement. Now I enjoy the US Thanksgiving vicariously though all the American blogs and my former Virginia neighbours.

I want to wish all my American neighbours a Happy Thanksgiving. 

Thank-you for following and reading my blog. 

Most of all thanks to those who have become wonderful friends, even though we haven't met, I find that it's through blogging and our love of DIY and design that we have found a common ground and friendship.


  1. I hear you Barbara, Americans just do thanksgiving RIGHT! It seems like more of an event there with everyone celebrating on the same day, and it's so family focused! It's not like here in Canada where we all pick a day over the course of Thanksgiving weekend.. it's just so scattered! I wish I was celebrating south of the border with B's family, but next year we will for sure!

  2. That is so incredibly nice! It is a great day. Sorry you are missing it.

  3. I have to admit, Americans do Thanksgiving better than us. Makes so much more sense to eat a huge dinner and have 4 days to recover, instead of how we do ours! ;-)

  4. I agree that 4 days to recover is super smart! But the only thing that I love about Oct. Thanksgiving is that we get to get on to Christmas decorating faster!!
    Nancy xo

  5. Yes, we do love our Thanksgiving here in the U.S.! And we definitely do need four days to recover from all of the food...yikes. Thank you for the Thanksgiving wishes Barbara - I hope your week is off to a good start!


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