One Room Challenge: Budget Friendly Master Bedroom Makeover | Week 2

Welcome to week 2 of the One Room Challenge! I'm linking up as a guest participant and joining in the decor fun!

If you are new here, we are empty nesters that our currently living in a rental home where we are adding our personal touch with creativity and some elbow grease! You will find rental friendly tips and inspiration here on my blog! 

Has much happened in our master bedroom? No! In my usual One Room Challenge style, it takes me a while to decide what I'm going to do and then I go for it. So let's say I narrowed down a paint colour, decided on what I am going to do with our vintage armchair, and how I am going to arrange the furniture. The rest I will decide as I go along.

Here is the plan

We moved into our current home about 5 years ago. The bedroom wall colour was chosen by our landlord but after 5 years I am tired of it. I placed the furniture the way we had it in our previous house. I am ready for a change! It's not that I am dissatisfied, as this is one of the reasons I so hesitate jumping into the whole Instagram/blogging world again because I struggle with the madness of it all. But I am a visual person who finds peace when things are visually appealing to me. Our bedroom is our sanctuary and I am wanting to zhush it up!

This was our room when we moved in 5 years ago.

Our current space is stuck. We purchased a king sized bed and mattress two years ago and it was the BEST decision ever. Our bed is from Crate and Barrel and mattress from Sleep Country Canada. All the other furniture is from Ikea. I am hoping to find some vintage night stands on Facebook Marketplace, but if I don't stumble across what I like, I am fine with what we have despite their smaller size.

Hoping this upcoming long weekend will allow me to paint the walls. And start on the slipcover for the armchair after a quick visit to Ikea.

Be sure to visit the One Room Challenge blog to see the 20 designers latest updates and all the guest participants!

One Room Challenge | Budget Friendly Master Bedroom Makeover : Week 1

Hello and welcome!

If you are new here, my husband and I live in a rental home situated in the suburbs of Vancouver. We never planned on renting for as long as we have but with the crazy real estate market we are still here.

Renting our home doesn't mean we can't have a beautifully decorated home, so I don't shy away from adding my touch! I have used the One Room Challenge as a way to add personality to our rental home. You can see what I did with a spare bedroom here and our kitchen here! Fun fact: I used to be a "feature" designer for the One Room Challenge, waaaaay back when Linda first created the event. Think dark and grainy photos. It has been very exciting watching her idea blow up into this fabulous event! Follow along as I make over our master bedroom for 6 weeks as a guest participant. 


Since we are renting, our bedroom will get a cosmetic refresh. There will be no fancy wall moldings, new doors or flooring happening here. My goal is to buy used, paint, shop the house and zhush what I have. I might buy a few accessories but really want to show you a realistic budget, in real time and where I don't have a handyman OR handy Instagram husband helping.

Lately I am feeling so inundated with the commercial feel of Instagram and blogs and even this challenge, so I'm rebelling a little and going at it alone and trying to re-use what I have! There is a feeling that you aren't something unless you have your whole room sponsored or you are gutting and re-doing the whole space. That's just not my life!

So if you still want to stick around, here is my plan: (it is going to be VERY fluid as I don't always stick to my plan and have a tendency to wing it)

  • Paint the walls - most likely Pale Oak or White Dove by Benjamin Moore
  • Move furniture around.
  • Switch armchairs
  • Possibly slipcover an armchair with green velvet
  • Switch out artwork
  • Get an oversize mirror from Target (unless I can find one locally without breaking the bank)
  • Switch hardware on dressers.
  • Find a floor lamp.
  • Add a few more pillows  - did someone say Tonic Living?
  • New duvet cover
  • Possibly an area rug

Come back next week to see if I managed to get anything done!

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How To Makeover a Fire Bowl

Inside: Making over a rusted fire bowl using specialty spray paint by Rustoleum Canada.

*This project is sponsored by Rustoleum Canada as part of their #SprayNewLife campaign!

We had a rusty sad fire bowl sitting in our backyard that had seen better days. Not wanting to put it into the landfill, I decided it needed a makeover for our fire pit area. Last year I created a fire pit area, and I found old Adirondack chairs that needed a makeover (more on that on another post!) which meant the rusted fire bowl needed a re-vamp as well.

Here is the fire bowl in all it's matte black glory!

What it looked like before, ready for the landfill.

Using a few cans of Rustoluem's Specialty High Heat spray paint, it now looks fresh and new!

How To:


  • 3 Cans of Rustoleum's Specialty High Heat spay paint
  • Drop cloth
  • Sanding pad in 60 grit


Do this project outside or in a well-ventilated area.  

1.   Dismantle fire bowl and lay out the pieces onto a drop cloth.

2.   Using sanding pad, sand off rust areas to get a smooth surfaces, as best as you can. Depending on how rusty the item is, you may not get it smooth, The goa is to remove anything flaky.

3.  Wipe off dust and give the whole thing a good cleaning with a garden hose. Let dry.

4.  Once dry, shake spray paint and apply in light even coats covering the all the parts. When one side is dry (about 1 hour), flip over and apply spray paint to the other side. You may need to apply a second coat. 

5. Let dry and assemble pieces. Wait a few days for paint to fully cure before using. Enjoy a warm cozy fire as the evenings get cooler and have a S’mores party! 

Be sure to visit Rustoleum's website for more DIY ideas and to find the perfect product where you can get inspired to #spraynewlife!

In addition, Rustoleum has a contest to celebrate their campaign, if you use their spray paint products, upload the photo onto Instagram or Facebook or Twitter, using the hashtag #spraynewlife and tag Rustoleum, you can be entered to win $500! Contest ends on August 31, 2019. Visit HERE to get more information!

Vintage Chair Makeover with Fusion Mineral Paint

Inside: Painting vintage Modern Farmhouse inspired chairs using Fusion Mineral Paint in Coal Black.

Last year I purchased a vintage table and chair set for $60. If you have been following along, I refinished the table and shipped it out to my daughters' place in Edmonton. I kept the chairs and painted them using Fusion Mineral Paint in Coal Black. My daughter loved the chairs I revamped so she found the same set. A few weeks ago I flew out to paint them for her! Many thanks to Fusion Mineral Paint for sponsoring the project. I LOVE their paint. So easy to work with, their colours are stunning and so is the finish! It finishes with an amazing matte finish and goes on like butter.

The key to a flawless and lasting finish is the prep. There is no such thing as no prep paint. You have to prep the piece if you want your painted finish to last. The first thing I did was make sure all the legs and spindles were solid. If they aren't you can use wood glue to fix anything that might be loose.

Here are the supplies you will need:

Give it a good sanding using 220 grit sandpaper. You aren't trying to remove the finish completely but you are trying to de-gloss and scuff it up so there is something for the paint to grip onto.

Next you are going to give the piece a wash to remove the sanding dust and any grime that is on.

Now comes the fun part -painting! Using a good quality brush apply the paint. I love the Staalmeester brushes that Fusion Mineral Paint carries. The key to Fusion Mineral Paint is not to overbrush or you will see brush marks. They have many how-to videos on their website to help!

After 2 coats of paint (I needed a 3 coat on some parts) - the piece is finished.

Let the pieces cure for several days before using them. I find painted pieces don't fully cure for a month, so light use until then.

Here is quick before:


Love the matte finish!

Fusion Mineral Paint has a built-in top coat and for some projects you wouldn't need a protective coat. If you piece is going to have a lot of use, then you might want to consider using a clear protective top coat!
Be sure to visit Fusion Mineral Paint's website to be inspired and to find a retailer close to you! Its one of my favourite paint brands to use!

One Room Challenge | Rental Kitchen Makeover: The Reveal!

The kitchen is finished! Better late than never! I am a tad late for the final reveal for the One Room Challenge. As a guest participant I was supposed to be done on Thursday, but I had several setbacks.

First of all I want to thank Linda from Calling it Home and Better Homes and Gardens for sponsoring the One Room Challenge. If you are new here is it where 20 featured designers/influences make over a space in six weeks. I am part of the guest participant group! This challenge lights a fire in getting projects done.

We have been renting this house for almost 4 years, and during those 4 years, I have been dreaming of ways to give the kitchen personality. The landllords gave the home a cosmetic lift before we moved in and removed the ugly tiles on the kitchen walls. The cabinet fronts have seen better days and I keep them clean with an orange degrease cleaner since they are old and tend to get dirty very easily.  How nice it would be if the landlords would replace them with shaker style wood fronts. Sigh... Or replace the speckled counter top.

 Wanting to give the kitchen a more warm and layered look and some personality I removed the ugly venetian blinds, stencilled the backsplash, applied shiplap to the island, added kitchen stools and replaced the cabinet hardware! My budget was small, but I felt I was able to give the kitchen a facelift with rental friendly updates! I can take almost everything with me, except for the shiplap of course but my landlords can thank me to making their kitchen look better. The backsplash can be painted over when we move! The total cost of the kitchen makeover was UNDER $500!

Visit week 1, week 2, week 3, week 4 and 5 to see the progress (or lack therof!)

Love how my vision of a modern farmhouse kitchen came to life!

A reminder of the before:


The wall stencils are from Cutting Edge Stencils. They generously partnered with me on this project. I chose the Florenza wall stencil in 6 inches. Stencilling is harder than it looks!  Cutting Edge has amazing directions and how-to's on their website. They were my go to during this project. My one takeaway, if you choose an intricate stencil pattern like I did, stencil a smaller area or the floor. It was really hard and time consuming because the stencils were smaller, thin and intricate to mimic a tile, but I had so many corners, edges and electrical outlets to stencil around. The beauty about stencilling, if you make a mistake you paint over and start again. Which I did, many times. I still have areas I need to touch up, of course, only I can see the mistakes!

The relaxed Roman shades were made with Ikea Ritva curtains, ! I wanted the fabric to match the Ikea drapes I already had hanging in the kitchen. Cost was $39 for the fabric. I lined them with blackout lining as our kitchen is south facing and I hope to help keep it cool in the summer by blocking out the light. Had a few setbacks with them. I measured and whipped them up, while I was installing them, I realized they were too wide. Not sure where I went wrong, so I had to re-do them at the 11th hour! So nice to get rid of the bent, old venetian blinds and make the windows looks even.

The shiplap is from Metrie who partnered with me to help bring our boring island to life! Metrie Complete pre-painted shiplap is sooooo easy to apply. I used liquid nails for the whole project. The corbels wer given to me by Victoria and Brad from The FAT Paint Company (they helped by generously ripping down the 3 last shiplap boards that were too wide to finish my project). I build up the corbels with some trim and then painted the pieces. They too were installed using liquid nails. The whole island was then painted with paint I had colour matched to the cabinets at Home Depot using Behr paint.

I feel like the island now has such personality and looks custom as opposed to the melamime box it was before!

The stools were a Facebook marketplace find for $20. I sanded the seats and stained them with Rustoleum's Ultimate Stain in Dark Walnut. The legs of the chair were painted with Fusion Mineral Paint in Coal Black.

My biggest splurge in the kitchen was the rug from ECarpet Gallery, and it was only $159! Love that ECarpet Gallery is in Canada, so quick shipping and NO DUTY!

The towel bar is the Fintorp series from Ikea. 

My go to place for accessories is Homesense. I collected bowls, the spoon rest, copper utensil holder, dish towels, and oven mitts.

As a last minute decision, I decided to strip our vintage kitchen table and stain it Dark Walnut as well. I am not happy with how the top turned out so I am going to redo it when I am on summer break. It went all streaky on me. Sniff.

To spruce up the cabinets, I replaced all the ugly knobs which were either speckled to match the counters or mismatched with a simple matte black knobs I found on Amazon. (Affliate link used) Since there were 50 to replace, I wanted VERY budget friendly and the right look. Glad I found some on Amazon! Total cost: $69!

It would have been nice to install light fixtures to add another layer, there are a gazillion pot lights in the space but since they are not lined up over the island, I couldn't replace a few pot lights with hanging fixtures. Since its a rental, there is only so much you can do!

So glad to be done! 

This kitchen makeover cost me under $500!

Many thanks to my sponsors and helpers!


Cutting Edge Stencils

The FAT Paint Company

Thank you to the One Room Challenge and Better Homes and Gardens for sponsoring this event! Can't wait for the fall challenge!