New Shop In Town

Recently I was introduced to a fabulous online decor shop called PlaidFox.

 "PlaidFox?" You say. 

Catchy, eh?

PlaidFox is an online decor shop with curated items, rotating items as they become available therefore always keeping their inventory fresh.

And the bonus when shopping on PlaidFox if you are Canadian? 


Say what? Yes. They are Canadian. And not only are they Canadian, they are from MY neck of the woods. No shop set up in Toronto (even though I do love you Toronto, you seem to get all the fun).

Say you visit PlaidFox and get overwhelmed with all the fabulousness, why not take their style test to narrow down your choices?

I took the test (easy, peasy BTW) and got Coastal Style as my first design style and Industrial as my second. I say they nailed that on the head!!! 

Here is my Coastal/Industrial Style room that if I won the lottery I would use PlaidFox to decorate my living room.

1  |   2  |  3  |  4  |  5  |  6

Nice, eh? 

Hop over to PlaidFox and get your shopping on. 


These past few weeks have been tough. On the work front, the teacher's union has been at battle with the government and we are on a full scale strike. Had to say a quick good-bye to my Kindergarteners last Thursday and clear out my classroom with lightening speed. But if the negotiations go well, we may be back. Our school year ends on the 26th.

Then in the midst of all of this our dog has had declining health. On Wednesday morning, he had a hard time getting up and was refusing to eat or drink. He had been struggling for the past few months but always enjoying his food and eating every crumb in the house....but he refused a biscuit, pizza and other treats we tried to entice him with. His pain medication was doing nothing and by Thursday afternoon could not stand up anymore. His eyes spoke to us, they had such sadness. We knew it was time. So on Thursday evening surrounded by our family we said good-bye to our beloved pet and loyal companion for 13 1/2 years. 

When we got him as a puppy we had NO clue what we were getting into. My in-laws tried their hand at breeding and gave us the first born of the litter. Henry was a spirited puppy and obedient dog. He stole every piece of food that wasn't put out of his reach. He kept us on our toes. Walks didn't tire him out, so I started running with him to tire him out. He whipped me into shape and trained with me for half marathons. He slept in my son's room and kept the nightmares and boogie men away. He guarded our house and made sure no cat EVER stepped foot on our property. He adored his "kids," and loved going for walks with my children. And no peanut butter filled tortilla wrap was ever safe in your hands.

We are glad he is in no pain anymore...he will be forever missed.

RIP  O'Henry

Mark Your Calendar: Etsy Craft Party

Craft parties always get me excited. As a child I was always creating something, whether it be new Barbie clothes or making a dollhouse with found objects, I thrived on the creativitiy that flowed through my veins. Even now as an adult, I lay awake at night with the gears turning in my brain dreaming of things I can do or create, when I have time or energy. Currently I work as a kindergarten teacher, which sometimes sucks the creative juice right out of me. My job requires me to be creative and I enjoy creating with my class. But there are times I crave ADULT activities and an Etsy Craft Party, could be just the ticket.

Every year, people from around the world come together on the same day in locally organised Etsy Craft Parties to create art and inspire each other. Now is your chance to plan your own Craft Party! This year's event is happening Friday, June 6, and the suggested theme is Recapture: Bring New Meaning to Old Photographs. Transform olde photographs into new handmade heirlooms using needle and thread, paint or a pen. Sign up to host Craft Party 2014 in your location today and then check out Etsy's Craft Party Site for downloadable goodies and inspiration. You don't have to host or join to get involved, create and craft along at home and share your #craftparty photos with @etsy. You can check out other parties around the world at Feel like getting your craft on?

Check out some of my favorite Etsy DIY and craft supplies, guaranteed to put you in a creative mood.

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Happy Crafting!

XO Barbara

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