My Latest Houzz Ideabook

About the only thing I manage to write this summer is my ideabook for Houzz! It has been a fun adventure contributing to Houzz! Pop over to see my latest: 20 Fabulous Patio Lighting Ideas.

My last ideabook was quite popular!

Not much happening here at me casa. I did spray paint some lanterns - nothing exciting. I won't bore you with before and after photos that you have seen countless times on the net. 

Good news on the home front  - our landlords have decided not to sell the house and keep it for a few more years. That means we don't have to hurry and find another home, we can take our time house hunting to find just the right house for us and not compromise! 

 Instead of painting walls, I am eyeing furniture in the house that needs some zhushing. A bored mom with a garage full of paint and old boring Ikea furniture is a recipe for some painting fun. We shall see if I gather up the gumption needed to actually take on the task.

Can one overdose on blueberries? We have been enjoying fresh fruit from local farms, for those of you who follow me on Instagram will have seen the blueberry mania.  I have consumed so many blueberries these past few days, I am afraid my skin will turn blue.


My Houzz Ideabook

Popping in to say hello. Still no house found and no inspiration has hit me in the noggin. I did help my sister narrow down a colour choice for her main living area! We are hoping to paint next week. I'll be sure to take before and after photos!

It has slipped my mind to let you all know that despite the blogging blahs, I have been asked to be a monthly contributor to Houzz ideabooks! So far I have two under my belt. The latest Ideabook: Decor Solutions for the Stylish Renter has made it to their featured page! Glad to see my ideas have inspired others!

Pop over to check out some ideas for creating a stylish abode.

XO Barbara

Blogging Blah...

So I am feeling so blah in the blogging department. I think my blog and I are going through relationship issues. I love my blog, but am feeling so incredibly uninspired to blog. After a whirlwind year taking on a full-time teaching position after not working full-time for 18 years, dealing with my husband's job loss and now new job AND trying to find a house, really has me not wanting to blog. I feel I have nothing to blog about. 

 Our old house in Virginia. Sniff...

We did not come to an agreement on purchasing the rental home we are in. We are not prepared to max ourselves to own this house and then not be able to renovate. This house has not been updated in 18 years, it needs a new roof, new fence, the plumbing makes us nervous and there is a crack in the foundation. Not to mention the kitchen is shabby, the appliances old, the flooring is old, the bathrooms...etc. Now we are on the hunt for a house, either to rent or buy. I am sick of renting. SICK! But we don't want to compromise buying just any ol'house. The housing market in the Vancouver are is dumb. I am sure I have mentioned that before. Those of you who live here, know what I mean. So if we are going to take on a mortgage in a somewhat loosey goosey housing market, then it better be something we can live with.  In our part of the suburbs, we are sandwiched between a major freeway, railroad tracks and a river. So it is tough to find just the right house for a price we can swallow spending.

The house we are in now.

Currently I am feeling discouraged. I ache to paint and zhush up with house but if we are planning on moving I don't want to. 

One thing I am excited about is that I have been "hired" to help my sister come up with a design plan for her house. Something that they can tackle over the next few years. It is thrilling to create a vision for someone's home! This summer we are going to tackle painting the walls! And create two girl's rooms for my nieces. I will keep you posted!

XO Barbara

Happy Canada Day, eh?

Summer is finally here. School is out. I am off for two whole months! Today is Canada Day - a day when we celebrate the creation of this amazing country we are so lucky to live in. A country my parents fled to, one that gave us freedom and opportunity.

Our family will paint the town red to celebrate this afternoon.

But it wouldn't be Canada Day without some good ol'fashioned Canadian love. 

Style at Home has rounded up some amazing Canadian designers to share their favourite spaces, one of them if a local gal and friend, Karla Amadatsu and her photographer Tracey Ayton. So many drool and Pin worthy spaces!

Be sure to check it out - and be amazed at the Canadian talent we have.

XO Barbara