Family Room Refresh

We have been in our current home for about 15 months and I am tired of having every room feel unfinished. Teaching full time sucks the creative energy out of my soul. But it has come to the point that I can't stand it any more. So even though we are still renting it doesn't mean we can't have a home that is decorated just for us. A home with our touch.

Our family room is a room we use the most, and every time I walk into the room, I am bothered that it doesn't feel finished. My goal for the space is to create a gallery wall behind the TV with some artwork by a good friend and my daughter, to cover up the random outlets that are of no use. Hoping to find a mirror to hang on the fireplace which has the most godawful stonework known to mankind. Wanting to give this room a more completed feel by adding layers with more fabric for pillows, an area rug, a new coffee table and a few ginger jar accessories.

This was the room when we moved in. (Bad, bad, bad photo)


Furniture has been since rearranged and drapes hung but it lacked oomph.

Here is my plan.

The fabric has arrived, just needing time to sew a few pillows and hang artwork. I bought frames at Ikea and had custom mats cut at the local art shop. Posterjack has offered one of their new loft frames, which is enroute as well! After years of admiring this rug, I think I will try to convince the hubs that we need it in our lives. It is my birthday this weekend, maybe that will make him cave.

XO Barbara

Ordering Christmas Cards - Already!

Hallowe'en is over and every year I swear I am going to get my Christmas cards ordered and sent out by early December. Every year I fail miserably. This year I am going to order my cards with their art and love their cards. Visiting the Minted site is akin to getting sucked into a black hole of gorgeousness, you get lost in the oodles and oodles of beautiful art and cards.

For our Christmas cards this year, I was thinking a photo card, but then I realized the last family photo we have where ALL my children are together was LAST year. I surveyed my family asking them how lame would it be to use last year's photo? 
LAME was the answer. 
Sigh... with my girls away for school, we wouldn't be together until Christmas. I didn't get my butt into gear this past summer, so scratch that idea.

Using the "no photo" search option on the Minted site, I stumbled across the most gorgeous card! Wow, wow, wow! 

Do you know what the icing on the cake is? I can customize the greeting AND a letter along with a photo collage inside the card!!! You can also save your design and revisit it before you send in the order.
Freaking awesome. 

Now I am waiting for each family member to send me a photo from their Instagram accounts that represents a highlight from their year and I can get this card ordered!

Thinking of a family photo for your annual holiday card? Here are some fabulous tips from Minted's blog Julep. Be sure to pop over to read the article. I agree with all their tips. We had a great photographer (last year), we dressed comfortably, had a fabulous location but my only mistake was not arranging a session again this summer! Hard to do when you kids are away at university. 

If you are wanting to get the jump on Christmas, I know, I know, its' only the first of November, be sure to check out Minted! They have 15% off holiday cards that ends tonight with the code JOY2015.

*Minted kindly provided a gift card towards the purchase of holiday cards*