Things That Make You Go...Hmmmm...

We have been living in our new rental home for a few months already. Most boxes are unpacked, but I still have little bits to finish to make the house feel more "us". I have been busy with the family room as we spend most of our time in there. As much as I would love to toss everything out on the curb and start over, I am not. With a bit of rearranging, paint, fabric and some accessories I hope to create a fabulous space. More on that later.

When we first looked at the house it was under a cosmetic renovation, there were painters and carpenters in the house and I was enamoured with the space, the hardwood floors, and the kitchen. Upon moving in, I noticed little details that made me wonder, " What the ?#%*$?" 

There are niches in some of the walls, this one along a huge wide staircase is one that makes me think....why?  

When I first saw the fireplace, I loved the stone, but upon further inspection, I wondered, "What the....?"  The fireplace was covered in weird random concrete brick like pieces and odd pieces jutting out. What purpose do those jutting out pieces serve? They are random, some don't stick out far enough and others are slanted. Whoever revamped that fireplace should go to design hell. I am wracking my brain how I can cover up those jutting pieces.

Really? Let's just place a piece crooked and with stamped initials for all to see. 

And finally....the ever so lovely powder room. It was hard to get a good photo, but the WHOLE house inside and out was painted, new roof, new gutter, new topsoil, refinished hardwood, etc BUT somehow this wallpaper was deemed fabulous to keep?

I have been given permission to remove it. And by golly it will be gone! The landlords left me all the paint and I love the paint colour in the kitchen, so it will go into the bathroom. 

I am hoping to work on few updates in the next little while. With me working fulltime and Christmas/athletic activities beginning to fill the calendar, it is a challenge! Bear with me and my sporadic blogging. In the meantime, you can catch up with me via "real time" on Instagram!

XO Barbara


  1. Ha! It's amazing what is revealed after actually loving in a space! Can't wait to see what you do with the bathroom!

  2. oh boy.. sometimes you have to wonder what they were thinking! I'm sure you'll have it looking fabulous in no time! :)

  3. I suppose the fireplace is just a bit of whimsy? I want to reimagine my fireplace similar to yours, floor to ceiling brick, but I just don't know what to do. I'm waiting to see what you do now.

  4. well the bathroom that has to g! As for the other "problems" i bet you are the only one that notices...If i came in your home I would be taken over with your wonderful decorating! Wouldnt even notice what you are frustrated with when I could sit near those cushions of yours!

  5. HAHA Oh my... That wallpaper!!!!!!! I died when I saw it.


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