Printable Christmas Card from Meeshworks

I HAVE to put in a plug for my really good and VERY talented friend Michelle Mollinga who does not do enough self-promotion. She is not only an amazing illustrator but fabulous photographer, which is evident on her Instagram feed. She makes my Instagram look blah. Her chair prints are simply amazing. I have one in my bedroom. She even taught me how to do hand rendering as a trade, I teach her how to use her sewing machine (which she needs to FIX!) and she teaches me rendering. I drew my beautiful house from when we lived in Virginia.

This year she has made two downloadable Christmas cards for only $5, you can download and print! I am getting the little tree. 

I love supporting artists, so instead of running to Walmart to get cheesy cards, consider buying from my dear friend Meesh!

XO Barbara


  1. What a wonderful surprise to start my day! Thank you, thank you so so much for all your support, Friend! You're the BEST! And yes, I DO need to get that darn sewing machine fixed!

  2. Thanks for the shout out friend and for being the best cheerleader ever! xoxo (PS. I tried commenting yesterday, but it didn't show up.)


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