A Favourite Appetizer Recipe

With the Christmas entertaining season upon us, I thought I would share one of my go-to party favourites. I always like to keep it simple, I hate having to stress having people over. This year I am hosting my son's rowing team Christmas gathering, we are having a finger food/dessert potluck. I will be making a few of my trusted and loved savoury treats. My absolute favourite, that gets rave reviews is a goat cheese log I snipped out of an old Canadian House and Home magazine. It is so easy to put together, but tastes amazing!

You need:

Fresh thyme, usually a small bunch will suffice
Walnuts, pieces (the original recipe calls for pecans)
300 gram goat cheese log (I buy mine at Costco or Superstore)

Chop thyme leaves along with walnuts. Roll goat cheese in chopped nut-herb mixture. Pat into cheese to make it stick. Wrap up in plastic wrap and refridgerate until ready to use. Serve the herb nut goat cheese log at room temperature.

I serve this with a selection of favourite crackers, along with some fig jelly, salami and olives. 

Easy pease lemon squeezy.

XO Barbara

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