Ikea Hemnes Dresser Hack with O'verlays

Inside: How-to makeover and revamp an Ikea Hemnes dresser with O'verlays! 

If you have been reading my blog for some time or follow me on Instagram, you know I like to re-use what I have when it comes to decorating OR I like to buy thrifted pieces and give them new life with paint and elbow grease. We have had these Ikea Hemnes dressers for almost 15 years, they have served us well. I wanted to make over the Ikea Hemnes dresser without having to paint them, after some research I stumbled across O'verlays! Last fall, I made over our main bedroom for the One Room Challenge, and I contacted O'verlays to see if they would want to work with me and help me to makeover our dressers. Unfortunately the timing didn't work for the fall so this late spring they sent me some O'verlays to try out! 

  O'verlays has created appliqué style paintable resin cut-outs, aka decorative furniture panels to apply to Ikea furniture to give them a custom look. They have a plethora of styles for a various Ikea pieces, and they also do custom orders for pieces you may have at home, either furniture or cabinets.  To ensure you order the correct size, you can go to their website and select the style of dresser you have and play around with the various styles of O'verlays they make to visualize what they would look like. 

Being a fan of Hollywood Regency furniture, I have admired Dorothy Draper dressers but not their price tag! O'verlays has a Dorothy Draper inspired appliques called "Anne", that I have had my eye on for quite some time. O'verlays generously gifted me a set of their Anne style  for my 2 Hemnes dressers we have in our bedroom. They arrived during the lockdown and since hardware stores were closed I was unable to get the supplies I needed to finish the project until about a month ago. 



Ikea Hemnes Dresser Hack

Ikea Hemnes Dresser Hack with O'verlays

How to Make Over an Ikea Hemnes Dresser


O'verlays are really easy to apply! All you need is your desired paint colour and Liqiud Nails adhesive. They are paintable and you can paint them to suit your style. I painted mine to match the Ikea dressers. I had colour matched to the colour of the dressers. I simply unscrewed a dresser front and took it to our local Home Depot where they mixed a sample sized paint pot in semi-gloss paint. It was a really good match to the dressers. 

Materials Needed for Project:

How To Apply O'verlays:

1.  Sand the edges lightly with an emory board and then to clean the surface with rubbing alchol before you paint. You just want to remove any rough corners or edges.
2. Apply paint. I used 2 coats of paint on each O'verlay. Once dry you can apply them to the drawer fronts.

3. Measure from the edges of the dresser to help center the O'verlay and then mark the lines with a dry erase marker (I tested that it would wipe off from the drawer surface)
4. Apply a thin layer of Liquid Nails along the unpainted side. You really don't need much at all as it will squeeze out when you press it onto the dresser front. A damp rag is very handy to wipe off the excess. Liquid Nails sets quickly but it will allow you a few minutes  make sure it's level and to make sure it is evenly centered. 
5. Use painter's tape to hold the O'verlay in place while the Liquid Nails set. Once set and dry, you can remove the tape and enjoy! 


O'verlays add so much character to your furniture and now my Ikea dressers look custom and high end.

Be sure to check them out! There are so many styles and option to choose from! 

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One Room Challenge | Laundry Room : The Reveal

Today I am sharing our renter friendly vintage inspired laundry room makeover as part of the Spring 2020 One Room Challenge

 I am a kindergarten teacher by day and DIY/design aficionado by night. My husband and I are currently renting our home, but it hasn't stopped me from creating a comfortable and beautiful home for our family. Be sure to check out the progress s-t-r-e-t-c-h-e-d out for 8 weeks!

week  1    |   week  2   |   week 3   |   week 4   |   week 5 & 6   |  week 7

Photographing this space was extremely challenging. It has no natural light as it is basically a walk through space from the garage to another hallway. It is tight with no clear area to even prop yourself to take a photo! So I am sad that the photos are not quite the quality I had hoped they would be! 

Let me start at the beginning, it was a dark and dreary space, lacking any personality. Since we rent, I couldn't make any structural changes. The starting off point that inspired the whole space was the Jungle Toile peel and stick wallpaper from Roommates Decor. I have been seeing a few influencers using peel and stick in their homes and was dying to try some. After spending my childhood in the 80's helping my mom install wallpaper and then spent the 90's of my adult hood stripping wallpaper in various homes we lived in, I LOVE that this product was peel and stick! Not only does it go on easily, it comes off just as easily. NO steamers or wallpaper stripper needed. So if I want a change or the landlords don't like it, I can remove it VERY easily!

The second change in the laundry room was the cabinet doors. I was gifted these beautiful handles that I selected from  Emagn Designs extensive high end hardware. They are so beautifully craftted and are truly unique pieces. I loved the sleek design of their Timeless Handle in satin brass and black. They worked perfectly with the wallpaper and the scale of them fit the flatness of the laminate cabinets. I primed and painted the cabinet doors with Linen from Fusion Mineral Paint. If I was to do it again, I would have purchased paint from the hardware store formulated for cabinets. I tried to use what I had.

The floors got painted with Behr's porch paint in black in a low-lustre finish. I was going to draw a faux hex tile but decided against it! I felt the rug I had sourced for the space, along with the pattern of the wallpaper was enough and decided to leave the floors plain. I hope I don't regret the black paint, it really shows the dust! I might paint a clear top coat on the floors to make them easier to clean!

One product which was SO helpful for painting was the Handy Pro pail from Handy Products! It fit a mini roller perfectly, was ergonomic and had a magnetic paint brush holder. It made painting tidier and so much easier! I can't recommend it enough! 

This was the before! Blah, blah, blah!

Accessories for the space were found at thrift shops, things from around the house or from FB Marketplace! This mirror I had found at a thrift shop about 10 years ago, which I added gold leaf to.

The basket and brass bowl were recent thrift store finds and the sweet painting was found on FB Marketplace in a hideous frame! I simply popped it out of the frame and it was perfect on it's own!

These beautiful pieces of vintage art were art pieces I downloaded from the Metropolitan Museum of Art where they have 1000's of downloadable copyright free art! I simply sent the file to our local print shop and requested a size and paper quality. It cost me $2 for print these pieces up. The frames were a FB Marketplace find!

The beautiful vintage looking rug is a Loloi Rug I got at Overstock. Loloi Rugs are sold under different names on sites such as Wayfair or Overstock. On Overstock search: Alexander Home rugs and Loloi Rugs will pop up! I got this rug for $40 but of course adding Canadian taxes and shipping it came to $80.

I added some baskets for storage, one holds cleaning rags and the other holds paintbrushes and painting supplies. One of the cabinets is full of some of my paint collection. The rest is in the garage!

Thank you for following along! 

Also a big thanks to Linda from One Room Challenge and Better Homes and Gardens for this fun bi-annual event! I LOVE not only participating but following along with all the other amazing designers and guest participants. Who have you been following along with?
This room wouldn't have been possible with my generous sponsors! 
Thank you!

One Room Challenge | Laundry Room: Week 7

Welcome to week SEVEN of the One Room Challenge! If you are new here, I am a kindergarten teacher by day and DIY/design aficionado by night. My husband and I are currently renting our home, but it hasn't stopped me from creating a comfortable and beautiful home for our family.

If you are new here, we are tackling our laundry room for the One Room Challenge, and it is all about being VERY budget friendly along with renter friendly. I will take you through my process as we drag this out over 8 weeks!

week  1    |   week  2   |   week 3   |   week 4   |   week 5 & 6

The room is almost finished! Hurrah! All that is left to do is paint the back door to match the trim and paint the floors. I have been searching for renter friendly flooring options for the laundry room floor and haven't found anything I like that is readily available OR budget friendly. So I have decided to paint the laundry room floor with porch paint. I want black hexagon tiles and the next best thing is to paint them on! 

Here is the inspiration pic!

A Beautiful Mess

My goal is to work on the flooring this weekend and then photograph the space during the week in time for the reveal next Thursday!


In the meantime, please visit the One Room Challenge blog to be inspired by all the featured designers and guest participants!

A BIG THANK YOU to the generous sponsers of the laundry room makeover: