One Room Challenge | Laundry Room: Week 2

Welcome to week two of the One Room Challenge! If you are new here, I am a kindergarten teacher by day and DIY/design aficionado by night. My husband and I are currently renting our home, but it hasn't stopped me from creating a comfortable and beautiful home for our family.

For the One Room Challenge, I am tackling our laundry room. My plan are renter friendly updates that can be easily removed when I move out or neutral updates that won't upset the landlord. Always ask for permission from your landlord before making any permanent changes. My landlord gave me permission to paint and make tasteful changes to the home, her only request was I not paint the walls dark.

The Plan:

For this makeover I am focussing on renter friendly updates. In our home, I have swapped out things to make this house a home. Drapery was hung after I removed the sad mini blinds, lighting has been swapped, walls painted, hardware changed, and area rugs added.

The plan for the laundry room is the walls will be wallpapered with a peel and stick wallpaper Jungle Toile from Roommates Decor, cabinets will get painted (still unsure of colour), hardware swapped with the Timeless Pull in Satin brass and black from Emagn Designs, the linoleum floors will either get a peel and stick tile, if I can find some, otherwise I will paint them with charcoal chalk paint I have on hand. Then accessories such as baskets, art work and shelving will get added.

My number one tip for renting is PAINT is your best friend. Paint can transform space so easily and cheaply. Painting walls, flooring or cabinetry can completely change a room. In addition you can now find stencils and peel and stick wallpaper that can be used to add a custom touch to a rental. Most of the walls in our home have been re-painted, and for last year's One Room Challenge, I stencilled our kitchen backsplash which was featured in Apartment Therapy. 

For the laundry room, I am planning on hanging up peel and stick wallpaper that I am designing the room around. This delicious jungle toile wallpaper is a traditional pattern with a whimsical twist with the jungle theme.

Roommates Decor has been generous in sponsoring this project! They have recently launched their new website where you can visualize the wallpaper in your space using their Room Visualizer tool!

The plan is to get this wallpaper hung this week! I haven't wallpapered since I was a 10 year old helping my mom, so wish me luck!

In the meantime, I love following what other bloggers/designers and IGers are doing for the One Room Challenge. Who are you following?

 Again, I would like to thank the generous sponsors of the laundry room makeover!

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