One Room Challenge | Laundry Room: Week 4

Welcome to week FOUR of the One Room Challenge! If you are new here, I am a kindergarten teacher by day and DIY/design aficionado by night. My husband and I are currently renting our home, but it hasn't stopped me from creating a comfortable and beautiful home for our family.

If you are new here, we are tackling our laundry room for the One Room Challenge, and it is all about being VERY budget friendly along with renter friendly. I will take you through my process as we drag this out over 8 weeks!

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After 3 weeks of serious procrastination I'd like to announce I have started on the laundry room makeover! 

This week was about getting the cabinets painted. The laundry room has melamine cabinets, so I gave them a good cleaning, lightly sanded and then primed. I should note that I filled in one hole from the previous cabinet pulls as my new pulls from Emagn Designs are a lot longer in length, therefore one hole needs to be filled in.

The ugly pulls were removed.

The top hole filled in with wood filler.

Then I removed the cabinet doors.

The key for any good quality painted furniture project is prep! Wash, sand and prime, especially slick artificial surfaces like melamine. My go-to primer is Zinsser 1-2-3 High adhesive primer.

First I lightly sanded the cabinet doors and cleaned with TSP.
Then I painted 2 coats of primer using the Handy paint pro-pail which comes with a liner and I love how it was easy to hold and I could use both a roller or paint brush!

After letting the primer dry, I painted  two coats of Linen from Fusion Mineral Paint.

My final step will be to seal with a matte clear coat by Rustoleum.

This weekend I plan on tackling the wallpaper!

Just a reminder, this is the wallpaper that is going up. It's called Jungle Toile by Roommates Decor!

I still need to:

  • spray paint the light fixture
  • finish painting the cabinets
  • hang up long shelf behind appliances
  • paint floor
  • paint back door
  • install wallpaper
  • source artwork
In the meantime, go visit the One Room Challenge blog to check out the featured designers AND the over 600 guest participants!

Thank you to the following sponsors of this project!

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