I am still alive and kicking! Just took a little break. Life was just getting a bit crazy and I needed to step away.

But I am thrilled to say these past two weeks have given us clarity and my husband found a job!

He has been interviewing with two companies. One company did not give an offer- he was glad because the stress that would of come with the job would of been through the roof! 

He did get an offer from the second company, but the job was in a town in the Kootenay region of BC. I was kind of excited.....kind of. Being a city girl who has never lived in a small town, I was a bit terrified of small town living. On the other hand, it kind of excited me. We could maybe get an acreage and live more simply. Two weeks ago we flew there for 24 hours to check it out (those of you who follow me on Instagram would of caught wind) and decide if it would work for our family. No offence to anyone who lives out there, but by 10 AM, I knew I couldn't live there. I felt like I would be the worse mother in the world to drag my two remaining teenagers at home, to live in such a small town. I felt awful because at this point there were no other job offers on the horizon. Turning down that job meant back to square one. Our severance was due to run out in a few months and my teaching salary just is nowhere near enough to live off of.  The company was one my husband wanted to work for, so it was hard to say no. But I felt at peace with the decision, knowing it would be the best for our family. 

Well....the afternoon after my husband turned down the offer, the president of the company wanted to talk to him. Someone up there was listening, because they offered him another job (they actually bent over backwards to take a junior position and make it more in line with an executive position) and we accepted! We don't have to move away!

 At first we wanted to get away from this area. The house prices are ridonculous!
Really, they are, stupid, stupid, stupid. 
But this area has so much to offer, beauty, fresh air, access to farms, locally grown food, the mountains, ocean and my family. Now I am thrilled we aren't leaving town. Thrilled! We have moved cities, provinces and countries, about 4 times in the past 13 years, and frankly we are tired of it. So it feels good, really good to be here.

We can now check one thing off our life check list!

Job - check!

And I go back to work in the fall again. Not sure which school and what grade. I am on the recall list, which means I am at the bottom when it comes to seniority. I can't apply for postings, until all the senior teachers get positions. Fingers crossed I get a school close to home.

Onto life's second hurdle: our housing

Our landlords want to sell the house to us, but what they want is, in our opinion not a fair price. So wish us luck as we figure out our housing situation!

What crazy stuff have you all been up to?

XO Barbara