Backyard on a Budget

When we moved into this house the back yard was an eyesore. The previous tenant had created raised garden beds using weird angles and in strange places. It was frankly a mess. My husband and I used a bit of elbow grease to rip up the beds, move the soil and using perennial cuttings from my mom's garden to fill in the flower beds.

Now that the garden beds are looking 1000 times better, it is time to set sights on our patio area.  I am working with Lowe's Canada to create a Backyard on a Budget and this girl is redoing her patio area! Our sad, sad, sad patio table with cushions that smell like stinky armpits have seen better days.
It will requite a bit of DIY, involving some wood and stain (I am building a table) along with some mixing and matching. My husband has his doubts. All he said was, "Don't saw off your fingers, and don't sell the patio table until we see the finished product."

 Oh, he of little faith!

Last Sunday I ventured out to the nearest Lowe's at Queensborough Landing. We on the west coast only have ONE Lowe's, but I hear another is about to open in Abbotsford! Before Sunday, I had never been inside Lowe's. Being somewhat familiar with the store because of the radio commercials narrated by the deep and sexy voice of Bryan Baeumler's, I had no idea what was in store. After shopping at other big box hardware stores for most of my adult life, Lowe's was a pleasant change from the usual. Having a quick tour of the backyard living section with the assistant manager, David, who explained that Lowe's only strives to offer high quality products with varying price points. I was impressed! Their outdoor accessories were to die for. Feeling like a kid in a candy shop, it was hard deciding which way I was going to go design-wise.

Check out my favourite finds:

They have a gorgeous selection of outdoor rugs.

Their lanterns are stunning.

These copper beauties may have followed me home.

And I am still thinking I may have to go back for these copper beauties.

And HELLO gorgeous! I have no words...

Loved these pillows. But I found some even more delicious ones.

Browsing through their garden center was so relaxing, I always find inspiration roaming among plants and flowers. There is something serene about garden centers. Don't you think?

After browsing through Lowe's for over an hour, feeling overwhelmed with all the selection. I narrowed down my choices. These chairs, and pillows all came home with me.

Here is my inspiration for the backyard.

Style at Home Photo: Edward Pond

Style at Home

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I can't wait to get started!

XO Barbara