My Go-To Curtain

Recently a commentor asked me what drape I buy at Ikea. I had mentioned in my post that I was heading to Ikea to buy my "go-to" drape. I almost always use Ikea's Ritva drapes in white. Ikea's white isn't really a true bright white but a off-white. The weight of the fabric is perfect, the thickness of the fabric filters light, so they don't need to be lined. I also like how the hanging tabs are hidden in the back, so the drape looks like it's pleated. And you can't beat the price point at $29 CDN. Ritva drapes are so versatile and customizable. 

Since we are renting...still...I am not spending money on getting custom drapes made. Ritva curtains have moved from house to house with me. As much as my dream would be to buy yards and yards of some fabulous Schumaucher just doesn't make economical sense, not to mention I change my mind, so paying several thousand for fabric that I might not like in a year, isn't worth it.

A good drape needs to hang right, one thing I add to my Ritva curtains is drapery weights in the hem, just at the corner.  It is what creates a good "hang". You can pinch pleat, add trim, fringe, etc to give it a complete custom look for mere pennies!

Here are some ways I have used Ritva curtains in my home or spotted around the web.

 My living room in my previous rental home. I sewed black stripes onto the curtains.

 source: Design Crisis

Our games room in our previous rental home.

In my daughter's room in our previous home.

And I have them up in 4 rooms in our current home, which I hope to take better photos of real soon!