Home Tour: A Teen Boy's Room

Today I am sharing my son's room, which only looked like this for a day. He hates throw pillows - tells me it looks too designerish. So they only lasted for the photos! And being tidy is not his forte.

 I am excited about redoing his space in the new house. The silver leaf dresser will be going with my oldest daughter to her new place in the fall, which means I need to either get another one, or buy something completely different.  I might re-paint some of the furniture, like his dresser.  His dresser is a teak dresser (I am sure a few of you are gasping that I painted over teak), it was damaged and not the greatest quality. It was one of my first blog posts, but I won't show you that as I am appalled at how bad the photos were. You will have to go digging for that!

XO Barbara

Home Tour: A Teen Girl's Room

Since we are moving out in less than 2 weeks, I figured I should show you our current home. I have shown rooms here and there, but not all at once! I am still not satisfied with where everything is decor-wise, but with financial setbacks, kids in university, etc. my decorating had taken a temporary hiatus. With the new house we are moving into, I hope to take decorating into high gear! I hope to repaint and refresh things!

Today's tour is J's room - it was never fully finished. We were still on the hunt for a furniture item to house her pet reptile- yikes!

Here is the before when we moved it. Dark army green. 

What I love is the power of paint to transform a space. Since we were renting this home, wallpapering wasn't an option, so we painted her room White Dove by Benjamin Moore and then the stripes were painted with Black Bean Soup by Benjamin Moore. Using Craigslist finds, Ikea, thrift store chair and a DIY headboard, her room came together beautifully!

This room was even featured at Style at Home online and House of Fifty Ezine!

We will be sad to say good bye to the striped wall! But am excited to reuse her things to come up with something new.

XO Barbara

We Are Moving!

Yes, you heard that right.

We are moving.

 No where exotic. Just 2 streets over. We didn't buy a house, even though our current landlords offered us the house again at a lot lower price than last year. But we decided we did not want to renovate this house as we are not in LOVE with this house. We have been watching the real estate listing, but realized that we aren't sure we want to sink over half a million into a house in the suburbs when in 2 years nothing is holding us to the high school catchment area anymore. So we have decided to rent until our youngest graduates high school.  It buys us time and hopefully time to save up more. As homes are so darn expensive here.

The new rental we are moving into is a bigger home, bigger yard and is being partially renovated! Hardwood floors, a white kitchen and open and airy! Can't wait to decorate. They are painting the interior and exterior of the house. I may have to repaint as I am not sure it is a colour I want. It's neutral but just not me. Can't wait to show you photos!!!!

And for some strange reason they are leaving the wallpaper in the powder room, think music sheets and violins all over the walls! First thing to go...

I will miss the gardens at my current home. It took me 6 years to get them where they are, and I love them. The new place has way more garden space and the current landlords pulled everything out. Now there is a blank slate. They asked me what I wanted, even told me if I want to go buy what I want and plant it, they will pay me back! I like that. 

My son is happy we finally have room for a trampoline...but he is almost 16. Do you still need a trampoline at 16? 

I get to spend July purging, organizing and packing! And now I hope I will have more to blog about!

XO Barbara