Home Tour: Master Bedroom

I apologize for being MIA lately. We moved into our new rental home two weeks ago and are slowly getting settled in. Moving sucks all your energy! Then we had a planned camping trip to the west coast of Vancouver Island, which is a trip I recommend EVERYONE do in their lifetime. Such an amazingly beautiful coastline -  moody and dripping with gorgeousness. Our kids surfed for 3 days straight. 

Now we are home for a bit and then off to take our second to university! YIKES! Glad I started having kids in my early 20's as I am transitioning to the empty nesting thing slowly but am still in my early 40's. In my mind I still feel like I am 30, but my teenagers like to remind me I am not.

 Here are some more photos of the home we moved out of, this time our master bedroom.

Our old landlords have put the house on the market, for sale by owner, and used photos that they took before I moved in. Maybe next week I can show you what a HUGE difference the right paint and accessories can make. The pictures they took make it hard to believe it was the same house!

Let's just ignore the Rubbermaid bin full of gift wrap under the bed, shall we? Keeping it real here.

In our new place, the walls are freshly painted and after moving I am just waaaay to tired to even contemplate re-painting. I will live with the paint colours for a while. They are neutral greige, so doable in my books. I have ordered some fabric samples from Tonic Living to make some roman blinds to replace the god awful mini blinds in the bedroom. Actually the whole house has them, slowly but surely they will be eliminated.

Stay tuned for a few more photos from the old house and then I will share photos from our new house!

XO Barbara