~A Little R&R~

We are off for a little R&R at the family farm...

where the kids have over 300 acres to roam while the adults can sit and relax, catch up, drink coffee, suntan, chat around the fire and just plain relax.

 Hopefully I can come back rejuvenated and ready to tackle my unfinished projects. 


Amy Butler Fabric: Pillows

While I have been procrastinating with my own to-do list I have been helping my sister (another famous procrastinator  - she will be mad at me for this comment) finish her projects. It always more fun working with someone on their projects instead of your own. A while back I wrote about how we went shopping for fabric for her room, but we haven't tackled any sewing until now.

 Procrastination is our middle name.

This week she brought over all the fabric for the duvet and throw pillows for her bed. During our shopping trip we chose some Amy Butler fabrics from her Midwestern Modern Line that would go well with the robin's egg blue herringbone toss pillows she had by Nate Berkus' from the now defunct Linens and Things.

I managed to sew her some throw pillows for her bed this week! 

Life isn't all play, I have managed to do something productive, even though it isn't tackling my own to-do list.

 We used inexpensive pillow inserts from Ikea, the larger one is down and cost $6 while the smaller polyester fibre-fill pillow was about $2. 

 (This wasn't planned but I noticed once I posted the photo that in the background is my sister on her wedding day!)  

The piping around the pillow was made from the contrasting fabric,  the backing was made from a robin's egg blue fabric.

I made covered buttons for the enclosure.

Here is a sneak peek at our other project we worked on this week!

I know, I know.....

 I should be working on my own projects. Good news though....I have started working on the upholstered headboards for the girls' rooms. Hopefully I can get them finished before we head on our vacation!



The joy of summer holidays.

 Lazy days at the beach, lounging on the patio, gardening...

but not blogging or tackling the to-do list. 

I am still not finished my daughter's room....
she reminds me daily. 

My dark living room is screaming,"give me light".....

and the fantastic collection of Ikea down pillow inserts at the bottom of my closet are begging to find a place on a bed or sofa. 

But I am enjoying the down time....
spending time with my children. 

We are embracing the long awaited heat....
 so I apologize for my lack of posts and projects.

We are relishing this wonderful downtime away from the classroom, sports, music lessons and the hustle and bustle of life.

~How I Spent my Canada Day~

We enjoyed our Canada Day, even though it was unseasonably cold, watching my husband race in the Yaletown Grand Prix

Yaletown is a chic area of Vancouver where you can find amazing restaurants, clothing stores and decor shops.  

Did I mention my husband was a bike fanatic? He loves the rush that cycling gives him, the speed and the chase, we cheered him on while we enjoyed great food in a delicious BBQ eatery and popped into a few clothing (and much to my son's dismay) and decor stores. 

I was saddened to find The Cross, one of my favourite decor shops was closed, so I had to smoosh my face into the window and sigh longingly at the wonderful items displayed.

source: The Cross

But what really caught my attention was this window display!

No, not Bernstein & Gold ! What is this Yaletown interior design firm and shop seen in many of the fashionable homes that grace Canadian publications thinking?

You are not helping my cause!

I am beginning to think I am fighting a lost cause.