~How I Spent my Canada Day~

We enjoyed our Canada Day, even though it was unseasonably cold, watching my husband race in the Yaletown Grand Prix

Yaletown is a chic area of Vancouver where you can find amazing restaurants, clothing stores and decor shops.  

Did I mention my husband was a bike fanatic? He loves the rush that cycling gives him, the speed and the chase, we cheered him on while we enjoyed great food in a delicious BBQ eatery and popped into a few clothing (and much to my son's dismay) and decor stores. 

I was saddened to find The Cross, one of my favourite decor shops was closed, so I had to smoosh my face into the window and sigh longingly at the wonderful items displayed.

source: The Cross

But what really caught my attention was this window display!

No, not Bernstein & Gold ! What is this Yaletown interior design firm and shop seen in many of the fashionable homes that grace Canadian publications thinking?

You are not helping my cause!

I am beginning to think I am fighting a lost cause. 



  1. Sounds like your family (except maybe your son!!) had a fun Canada Day :-)

    Bikes do seem to be finding you wherever you look, don't they?! The bike on the wall in your previous post is pretty cool :-)


  2. Ha ha!! That is sooo funny that there are bikes in the window! So cute, I think your hubby might have a thing or two to say about this :) Hope you had a lovely Canada Day!! PS. Thank you so much for posting about my giveaway on your sidebar, I really appreciate it!

  3. Such a funny post, Barbara!
    My apologies for not dropping by more often... I'll be better, I promise!

  4. Maybe your husband was consulted on the design. You did say he was quite the cycling fanatic.


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