So Canadian eh? : Michael Penney

I am incredibly excited to have my guest this week, as a longtime fan it was such a thrill to interview him.

Please welcome......

He is.....
I have been following Michael's career for the past few years. In such a short time his career has been full of experiences that would make anyone green with envy. We first met Michael while working for Canadian House and Home where he created and designed memorable spaces and DIY projects, then he moved over to work for the famed Sarah Richardson on Sarah 101, and now branching out on his own opening up a shop, Penney & Co. in his hometown of Whitby, Ontario. In addition, Michael pens his own blog, Michael Penney Style and is also a regular guest expert on the Marilyn Denis show while working as a designer taking on clients.

What I have admired about Michael is his ability to create stylish, warm and amazingly layered spaces using thrift store finds mixed with a few high end pieces, fabric and some DIY. He is a DIY guru, creating many projects for House and Home, that have been "pinned" countless times. His spaces are classic and timeless. As an avid fan of Martha Stewart, Michael channels her "look" into a lot of what he does, she clearly has influenced his designs! 

Despite his already amazing career, I believe that will see more fabulousness from Michael in the future!

Michael and I! If you recall, we met him outside Designer Fabrics in Toronto. 
I was as giddy as a school girl.

Photography by Donna Griffith; House & Home June 2011

Photography by Angus Fergusson; House & Home

 Photography by Angus Fergusson; House & Home March 2010

 Photography Angus Fergusson; House & Home Magazine June 2009

Photography by Angus Fergusson; House & Home July 2011

 Photography by Donna Griffith; House & Home January 2010

Photography by Kim Jeffery

 Photography by Kim Jeffery

Photography by Angus Fergusson; House & Home Magazine June 2009

Photography by Angus Fergusson; House & Home Makeovers 2009

Photography by Angus Fergusson; House & Home Makeovers 2009

Photography by Angus Fergusson; House & Home Condos Lofts & Apartments Issue 2010

Tell us a bit about yourself, describe your journey into the world of design? Were you always creative? Did you take any schooling in design? 

Yes, I’ve always been me, as I say. I was obsessed with Lego as a kid and would build these very detailed cities and houses with kitchens and gardens and everything. When I look at the pictures of those Lego creations I smile at the child-sized designer I was. It’s hilarious! I studied Art History at Queen’s University in Kingston Ontario before interning at House & Home and becoming a design editor there. No formal décor or design education for me – just a ton of passion and pouring over every design book, magazine and TV show I could get my hands on since childhood!

You have been featured and worked for Canadian House and Home and Sarah 101, how did you get your “break” per se into the world of magazines and television? What made you decide to leave that world and set up a shop?

 When I was a student, I worked during the summers in a very posh shop called L’Atelier in Toronto. It was completely different than my suburban world back home and it was a huge leap. I literally commuted on a train to work retail! But I wanted to gain experience in design and I got to meet editors from magazines and the crew from design TV shows and I just pestered everyone I met about contacts and how they got in the biz. I found out that House & Home had a summer internship program, applied, had two interviews and got the job. I was an editor there within the first 3-4 months! The rest is history as they say, haha. I really did want to live and work in the area I grew up in, just east of Toronto. So having a shop was a dream of mine and the great thing is, that I still do stories for House & Home, Style At Home, and Chatelaine too. I get the best of both worlds and have tons of variety in my life. It’s just great!

What I admire most is you ability to put together a space that looks curated and layered but with a realistic budget that the average person can relate to. What tips do you have in creating a home on a shoestring budget? 

I think it’s key to focus on what you really, truly love for big, key pieces. Then use colour, paint, fabric and small accessories to have fun and indulge in trends. That way you won’t regret purchases and your home can have that classic –yet- fun balance. And never underestimate the power of vintage pieces for saving money and adding tons of style and personality.

You are known for fabulous finds at thrift stores or antique markets, what are your thrifting tips?

GO OFTEN. People think I score every time I step into Value Village. I don’t. Usually I see a lot of junk. Going often just ups the chances of finding something special.

What are your go-to sources for design?

Hmmm…well Penney & Company of course, for interesting, classic pieces and beautiful accessories. But beyond my own shop, I find good things at West Elm, Pottery Barn, and I just love Elte these days. For fabrics I love Designer Farbrics in Toronto and Thibaut Designs for wallpaper. And of course vintage, vintage, vintage!

Who/what inspires you? Any design idols?

 I love Tom Sheerer’s work, especially his beach projects and country houses. India Hicks has amazing style, Bunny Williams, there are so many!

How would you describe your design style?

 If I had to pin it down, I’d say at the core, I’m ‘fresh traditional’. Classic pieces and shapes with a fresh spin in terms of colours, fabrics etc. and taking it all down a notch with worn vintage pieces, woven baskets, sisal carpets etc. Mixing and matching, you know all of that!

Since you are such a design guru, does your wife have any say in the décor of your home? Is it a mutual effort?

If so, how do you work together to resolve any reno or style dilemmas? Ha! I read that question to her and she groaned! We are definitely a team and she can veto whatever she wants. She and I really have a very similar style and I just push the boundaries a little. She may be nervous at first, but she always comes around! I like though that design is not her profession or passion per se, and we get to talk about something other than paint and fabric! She balances me out!

Tell us something about yourself that would surprise us! 

I don’t know if I’ve said this before, but I like plain food. You may think because I’m creative I’d be into really out-there tastes, but I’m not. More often than not, you’ll find me eating at Subway. Classy, I know.

What is next for you? Where do you see yourself, your business going in the future? 

I don’t know for sure, but hopefully Penney & Company will grow and become the go-to spot for interesting and timeless décor in my area. I’m working on lots of new private client projects and hope to keep creating beautiful and comfortable spaces and hopefully I’ll continue to dabble in media, magazines and décor TV as time goes on. Im just so passionate about the subject matter that I want to get the message out there!

What are your views on the role Canadian design plays in the world design scene? Do you feel that Canadians have a unique sense of style and design, and if so, what is it that you think sets us apart?

I think Canadian design varies from region to region and is influenced by the landscape and people in each area. Maritime style pulls at my heart strings and the west coast is so laid back and natural. Central Canada and the praries seem to be taking more and more risks and punching things up more than the rest of us and going for that glamourous, luxurious look. In here in Ontario things are pretty classic, but with and edge. Toronto has everything really. Since there’s so much design variety, I think that’s really our contribution to the world design scene. Just like our population, there’s so much variety, so many different points of view.

I am so honoured that you took time out of your busy life to humour me to be part of my series. I admire your creativity and classic design! I can see great things being created by you in the years to come! Next time I am in Ontario, I need to pop into your shop. I am sure I would not leave empty handed.

XO Barbara

Urbanwalls Decals Giveaway

One item that was the prefect addition to my daughter's dorm room was chalk wall decals from Urbanwalls. Not being able to pin or nail anything to the wall, a decal was a the perfect solution to adding pretty to the walls. We chose a functional chalk vinyl wall decal, a great way for her to keep organized while keeping up that pretty factor for her small space!

Urbanwalls is your source for wall decals. 

The creative genius behind this fantastic company is a local gal, Danielle Hardy. You can read my interview with her here!

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XO Barbara

Project Dorm Room

The time has come in our house when the kids start heading off on their own. I never thought it would come to this day, especially during those 2 AM night feedings when time seemed to be stuck. Fast forward 18 years and now our oldest is heading off on her own to embark on her own adventure at university. It is bittersweet though, her dad and I are incredibly proud of who she has become, excited for her, but on the other hand it is hard to let go of that baby you held in your arms in what seemed like yesterday!

Excitedly, my project this summer was collecting items to decorate her dorm room. The key was to find items that not only were decorative but served an organizational purpose as well. Tight on space you really need to be careful not to fit too much into the space. Ikea was our go-to place for many of the items on our list, you can't beat Ikea prices!  Many of the items we had, or I had stored in the crawl space, {I have a tendency to collect things....} so we managed to spend little.

Thinking outside the box, we bought a few items, such as the Skurar plant pot to hold her pens/pencils and the Burken glass jars to hold make-up essentials. Not only were they pretty items but served an organizational function as well.

  For her walls we really needed to get creative! The walls in her room are painted brick and we are unable to use nails or tacks to hang anything, that is where 3M Command strips along with Urbanwalls Decals are a perfect solution to beautifying the space!


Next week she is off with her dad. I hope she can take photos and send them to me so I can see everything in her new space.

Wish us all luck as we venture into uncharted territory!

XO Barbara

PS: I was not compensated in anyway by Ikea Canada, I just love that place.

So Canadian eh? : Satori Design for Living

Are you feeling a bit unorganized? Need help getting your paper mess on track? Organize your cupboards? Do you want a space or your whole home re-designed, not one that is pretty to look at but one that can be lived in and enjoyed?

 Well, my guest this week is the gal for you!

Please welcome.....

Shauna Oberg from Satori Design For Living

She is.....
Shauna, a former teacher who took the plunge into the world of design makes her home outside of Calgary, Alberta. I feel a slight kinship to Shauna because our educational and career paths went along a similar direction, but Shauna felt that her true passion laid in design and took that leap and hasn't looked back since. Not only does she focus on designing spaces for her clients but is also a professional organizer as well. What I love about Shauna is her journey into design was not one that she took lightly or without any thought. Her philosophy behind who she is, what she wanted to be and to feel fulfilled is a fabulous one, you can read more about it here.

She sent along some photos and mood boards of her work. With an eye for detail and design, she creates beautiful inviting spaces.

Below are photos of her recent basement renovation. The bones are in, next up she plans on adding the layers to create a comfy abode for her family.

And if you feel like getting a newsletter full of organizational tips sent to your inbox, you can pop over to her site to sign up!

Tell us a bit about yourself? Give us some insight into who you are and what are you drawn to. Were you always creative? Your education?

From a very young age, I can remember wanting to make everything around me pretty and orderly. A fun Saturday afternoon was rearranging the furniture in my bedroom, going through my closet or painting old frames I picked up at a garage sale (one of the many I frequented!). I also loved reading Martha Stewart books and decorating magazines, including Better Homes & Gardens and Canadian House and Home, more than anyone I knew. When I finally got HGTV, I was hooked.

I think what I remember most is people saying that I had a real eye for color, and that kind of stuck with me. I didn't realize it was a true gift until friends and family enlisted my help time and time again because they were struggling with decorating decisions. Somehow it came easier to me and it never felt like work.

As far as education goes, after high school I studied general science and dabbled in art my first year at college, as my range of interests were so broad. As I tried to hone in on what program I wanted to transfer to, I came across the Human Ecology department at the University of Alberta. It seemed to offer a balance of courses in science and the arts, as well as a lot of hands-on and practical. I majored in fashion, but got my feet wet in family studies and nutrition. After graduating with a B.Sc., I went on to finish an after-degree in education. I've since then furthered my studies in business, organizing, design and decorating.

Our stories are so similar; we both have Science degrees, in addition, studied art, fashion and finally education to become a teacher. But you really listened to your heart and set your sights onto your true passion, interior design, and took a leap of faith to pursue that {whilst I sit on the fence and think about it} Was there an “aha” moment where you just decided, that was it. Or was it slow process?

As mentioned, design is something I've always had a passion for, but the practical side of me didn't see it as a viable career living in a small town. I enjoyed being a teacher, but there was always something in me that knew it wasn't my true calling. When we re-located near Calgary over 8 years ago, suddenly my career options opened up. It was a slow process making the change, but only because I tried to ignore the signs and a lot of fear took over too. There's something safe about the classroom. When you're in design, it's precarious and uncertain. It's a whole new ball game.

Fortunately, after much soul searching, dabbling in some design and business courses, and unbending support from my husband, I made the decision to start my business. It took me a while to find my groove, and in difficult times I wondered if I had made the right decision. It wasn't until I finally cut the teaching cord (i.e. no more substitute teaching or the thought of going back), that I really delved into the world of design and organizing as a career.

Now, after 4 years of being in business, I don't have any uncertainty and I feel so blessed that I am able to live my life creatively and thoughtfully everyday. I will always be a teacher, but in a different way. Like education, design is about getting to know people and what best suits their personalities and circumstances. If you finally decide to take the leap of faith, your teaching experience will be invaluable.

Not only do you help clients with design, you are also a professional organizer. Give my readers a few quick tips in creating an organized home without having to go out a buy anything.

PURGE. Most people have way too much stuff they never use! Several years ago I let go of the notion that I may need something someday when there are people out there who could benefit from it right now. I find this perspective really helps get through to my clients who are having a difficult time parting with stuff.

Just last week I felt like our master closet was getting out of hand. My husband and I set aside an hour on Saturday morning to go through everything together. It's great to have the perspective of someone you trust. Perhaps it's a girlfriend who will tell you a dress is no longer flattering or a sweater has run its course. Now I feel like we have breathing space and room for new fall wardrobe items. Shoe shopping anyone?

You have taken a few courses to help steer your design business in the right direction. What have you found helpful? Not helpful?

Any course I have taken has been beneficial in one way or another. Sometimes it's the connections I've made with others who become a source of support for my business. Other times I learn something practical, like a new software program that helps keep client projects in order. I feel like if I take away one thing that will help my business, then it was worth it.

I'd have to say the best course I took was Kimberley Seldon's Business of Design. After years of real experience, she doesn't hold back when talking about the ins and outs of the design business. I was definitely pushed out of my comfort zone and forced to think about what was working and what had to go in my business. I left with solid information and new found wind under my sails.

As a mom, an entrepreneur and blogger, how do you balance it all?

I learned a long time ago that balance for me means I can do everything I want to in my life, I just can't do it all at once. I became a mother at a young age and my dream of being a super career woman changed very quickly. Since then, my focus has been on my family and I wouldn't change it for anything. As my son has grown up (he's entering grade 12 this year!), I've been able to step back more and more, allowing him to stand on his own. I've replaced the time I used to spend on practicing spelling words and driving to hockey practice with writing for my blog, taking on more projects, as well as on my own personal growth.

Over the years, I've learned to be more flexible during busier times. My husband travels a lot for work, so when he's home I shut things down earlier to enjoy a nice family dinner as much as possible. If my son has a football game or needs help writing an English paper, I adjust my schedule accordingly. I know my day-to-day time is limited with him and I don't want to have any regrets.

Another thing I've had to let go of is the notion that my house has to be perfect all the time. There are times when it's messier than I'd like or projects get put off a little longer than anticipated, but it means I'm able to focus on more important things. It was definitely a process to get to this mindset, as I've struggled with perfectionism most of my life.

Where do you see Satori Design in the future?

Good question. As I approach my 4-year business anniversary and I'm about to celebrate my first year of blogging, I find myself reflecting on the past and thinking about where I want things to go in the future. This past year I have seen the most growth and change with the introduction of my blog, and I'm surprised at how much I enjoy writing for it, as well as the connections and friendships I have made because of it. I still have a lot to learn in the blogging world, but I'm confident it will continue to grow and evolve into something much bigger.

Most of the focus has been on room design over the past few years, but I'm noticing that people are becoming more and more interested in really organizing their homes. My approach has always been to combine the two, but I'll be placing more emphasis on this in the upcoming months, both in the services I offer, as well as on the blog. I'm also throwing around the idea of creating an online store.

What is your design style?

I'm all over the board when it comes to design, which makes it difficult to decorate my own space, but allows me to work with a variety of clients. If I had to narrow down my own design style, it would be classic with a touch of modern and always a little vintage thrown in.

 Tell us something that would surprise us about you!

After my first year of studying science in college, I seriously considered applying to physical therapy or dental hygiene, but missed the early deadlines for the year. Looking back, it was a true blessing!

If you could meet anyone or do anything your heart desires, who or what would it be?

I'd love to spend one more day with my grandfather. We were very close, but there's still so much about his life I'm curious about.

What are your views on the role Canadian design plays in the world design scene? Do you feel that Canadians have a unique sense of style and design, and if so, what is it that you think sets us apart?

I admire Canadians for having their own individual sense of design. Similar to the variety of cultures that make our country so rich and diverse, we're not afraid to mix styles. As a result, I think eclectic design comes naturally. Our sense is to create truly livable spaces that focus on the family, combining current elements with an appreciation of those from the past. We tend to embrace the changing of our seasons, a little lighter in the summer and cozier in the winter. We're not afraid to be ourselves and I think that's refreshing.

Thank you for asking me to share a bit about myself, Barbara. I'm so proud to be part of this series and such a great group of Canadians (even if I'm feeling a little intimidated by all of the talent!).


Shauna Oberg

Shauna, thanks for sharing with us your bits of wisdom. I can totally understand you and where your passion truly lies. I am still sticking with the "safe" career, while dipping my toes in the design world. One day as I gain more confidence in my skills I hope to take a leap like you did! All the best in the next 4 years!

XO Barbara

Guest Posting at Michaela Noelle Designs

Hello sweet friends. Is it Wednesday already? Yikes only a week and a half of summer vacation left! Hope you are all enjoying those last few days..... I know I am.

I am feeling like the popular girl on the block, having been asked to guest post at various blogs this summer. Today I am visiting south of the border, at Michaela Noelle Designs sharing my "She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not"!

 Michaela is an incredibly sweet, fashionable and vibrant gal working on her interior design degree. A California girl at heart she manages to survive the Pacific Northwest rainy winters of Seattle while completing her degree. She has one bright future, with her infectious smile and ingenious decorating ideas!

Hope you manage to come and visit to find out what I love and what I loathe.

XO Barbara

Chapters/Indigo Holiday Preview

Last week, I along with a few other bloggers were invited to the Chapters/Indigo Holiday Preview event downtown Vancouver. As a fan of their book collection and now all the fabulous home decor/gifts selection I was curious to see what they had in store for us! 

They did not disappoint.

Would love these salt and pepper shakers on my table.

The items for the upcoming fall and holiday season were beautifully displayed. It got us all excited for the upcoming fall season. Chapters/Indigo is my go-to source for one-of-a-kind gifts - and their newest collections is even more fantastic! What I love is their tasteful selection, you can be sure that your gift will be a hit. Recently I bought two amazing teachers that my eldest had who went above and beyond their call of duty, a Voluspa candle. They adored the tin it came in and the scent was heavenly. 

But what is a great media event without some hilarity thrown in! I laughed when a certain blogger {we won't name any names} sniffed the highball glass to check if there was real liquor in the glasses. And the nuts in the bowl, they were given the sniff test as well! Lets just say we all had fun hanging out! A few enjoyed wearing the fur ear muffs and hats in the summer heat, their on-hand photographer managed to get more than a few entertaining shots from us!

 The icing on the cake? Rob Feenie, Vancouver's celebrity chef whipped up some amazing bites from his newest cookbook for us to nibble on while browsing and socializing. We had a chance to meet him, and have him autograph his latest cookbook that came in our swag bag!

Photo: Rosa Pearson

And here is the swag bag we received! We were given two youth books that have yet to be sold on shelves! My son was really excited to read them before anyone else!

So if you ever need a great gift, don't forget to pop into your local Chapters or Indigo store!

XO Barbara

PS. For my American friends, Chapters/Indigo is similar to your Barnes and Noble!

So Canadian eh? : Christine from Just Bella

We have a gorgeous gal from the Prairies today.

Please welcome....

Christine from Just Bella

Christine, an avid photographer and Prairie gal who makes her home in the northern city of Edmonton, Alberta has a knack for creating an amazingly decorated home! From small DIY's to complete room makeovers, Christine creatively incorporates Ikea with thrifty finds, adding layers with art, and accessories. I love the warmth her home evokes, a must for those cold Prairie winters!

Nine months ago, Christine welcomed a baby girl into her life, and along with her husband are clearly smitten with their angel! Her nursery is a gorgeous space, which I am sure had been pinned to countless Pinterest boards!

I loved this interview as I have had the chance to get to know Christine over the past 18 months or so, but yet was surprised to get to know a few of the tidbits she shared. Fingers crossed she can make it out to our second Blend event in September!

I am always blown away by Christine's photographs, clearly she has a talent in that department, capturing the beauty of her home and life.

Check it out!

Framed fabric art

 Chic master bedroom and dressing area

 Amazing deck and lounge area. 

 Alice's famously pinned nursery.

 Spoon rack necklace holder, ingenious idea!

Wallpaper headboard. 

Photos courtesy of Christine Shankowsky

Tell us a bit about yourself? Give us some insight into who you are, what are you drawn to, where you always creative?

I live in Edmonton, AB with my little family - the hubs and our sweet baby girl, Alice. Currently I’m on maternity leave but my professional background is in graphic design where I work for a motion graphics design/fx company as a project manager, designer, animator (yes, many, many hats).

Creativity has always been a big part of my life. Whether it was rearranging furniture, making friendship bracelets (I rocked the arm party at a very early age), or changing my clothes for the 10th time in one day, my creative juices were flowing from a very young age.

Why made you decide to start your blog? And has there been anything that you have enjoyed about blogging? Not enjoyed?

My blog actually started off more as a travel blog — first, my honeymoon to Italy and then a family vacation to Europe. It was a way to document the trips and keep in touch while we were away. Once the trips were over I realized how much I loved blogging! It became a great creative outlet for me so I continued on writing about the things I love - life, my home, food, travel, design....

Blogging has been a fantastic way to connect with an amazing community of like minded people. Who knew so many awesome people were out there in internetland that shared my passions and spoke my language. (I love that I’ll never have to define ombré to you peeps ;).

There are times when I do feel pressure or obligation to blog, but I do my best to not put any expectations on myself and do what works for me. It’s a lot of work, so I want to make sure I’m enjoying myself along the way.

You are a mom to a sweet baby girl, how do you balance it all? Or is it something you still are attempting to master?

Balance? Ha! Definitely something I’m still trying to master and something tells me I’ll be working on that for many years to come.

Sometimes it feels like my days consist of eat, sleep, poop, laundry (all that fun stuff) that I barely have time to stop and notice I have mashed bananas all over my shirt and I went to the grocery store with ONE earring on (true story, it happened. twice). I do my best to be as present as possible, enjoy my family time and also to take some time for me. I jump on the computer while Alice naps or after she’s gone to bed - thank you blogs and pinterest for a much needed escape.

I’m always amazed at other bloggers who are able to blog everyday. I try not to put too much pressure on myself. At the end of the day, I blog because I love it and if I’d rather spend my time lying on the floor playing with Alice than I’m going to do it.

Ask me again in a few months when I’m back to work and I’m sure I’ll have a very different answer for you. ahhh!

What are your go-to sources for anything décor related?

Definitely blogs. The amount of inspiration out there is endless, I love how the online design community allows you to connect with everyone from professional designers to talented, creative, everyday people. Also, I’ve always been a magazine junkie, I may or may not have a magazine collection that is slowly taking over the house.

How would you describe your design style?

I’d describe my style as modern, classic, with a twist. I love mixing old and new and this is reflected throughout our home. We’ve got new pieces, thrifty finds and even a few pre-loved hand me downs kicking around.

You have amazing photography skills, {ones I am quite envious of}, did you take any courses or are you self-taught? Any invaluable tips you care to share?

Aww, shucks, thanks, Barbara. I’m no professional but I do love photography. I studied digital arts in college and did spend some time dabbling in photography. I loved playing around in the darkroom and learning the ins and outs of a camera. All my courses were film based though, so I’ve taught myself how to master my digital camera on my own and am constantly trying to learn as I go.

Tell us one thing about you that would surprise us!

I went bungee jumping once in memory of a friend of mine. This is crazy surprising to anyone who knows me, including myself! It was a true testament that you can do near anything if you put your mind to it. Seriously, I still can't believe I did it. It was exhilarating, but I’m pretty sure I will never, ever do it again!

If you could meet anyone or do anything your heart desires, who or what would it be?

Travel, travel, travel. There is nothing more inspiring than visiting a new city. I’d love to eat and shop my way around the whole world.

You live in the Canadian Prairies, where the winters can be long, do you find that where you live influences how you decorate your home? If so, how?

Oh geez, don’t remind me. That looong winter is coming up! We do spend a lot of time indoors so it’s important create a warm and cozy environment. Luckily, here in Edmonton, although it’s cold, we get a ton of sunshine. I love opening up all the curtains to let all that natural light in. Also a must is a great door mat, haha, because things get yucky very fast. Another reason why us Canadians take off our shoes indoors ;)

What are your views on the role Canadian design plays in the world design scene? Do you feel that Canadians have a unique sense of style and design, and if so, what is it that you think sets us apart?

I do think that Canadians have a unique sense of style. We are a huge country with such a great blend of cultures, climates and people. I think that uniqueness is reflected in our design sensibilities.

I find most Canadians (myself included!) are super proud of their heritage. While the classic “Canadiana” will always be a timeless style, I think it’s the originality of blending different techniques and styles that speaks to a lot of Canadians. Plus, we are a pretty friendly bunch, aren’t we?? :)

Wow, Christine, I knew you must of worked in a creative industry, it really shows. 
I am in love with Alice's nursery and your home, it truly is magazine worthy. Fingers crossed you can make it out to Vancouver in September!

XO Barbara