Project Dorm Room

The time has come in our house when the kids start heading off on their own. I never thought it would come to this day, especially during those 2 AM night feedings when time seemed to be stuck. Fast forward 18 years and now our oldest is heading off on her own to embark on her own adventure at university. It is bittersweet though, her dad and I are incredibly proud of who she has become, excited for her, but on the other hand it is hard to let go of that baby you held in your arms in what seemed like yesterday!

Excitedly, my project this summer was collecting items to decorate her dorm room. The key was to find items that not only were decorative but served an organizational purpose as well. Tight on space you really need to be careful not to fit too much into the space. Ikea was our go-to place for many of the items on our list, you can't beat Ikea prices!  Many of the items we had, or I had stored in the crawl space, {I have a tendency to collect things....} so we managed to spend little.

Thinking outside the box, we bought a few items, such as the Skurar plant pot to hold her pens/pencils and the Burken glass jars to hold make-up essentials. Not only were they pretty items but served an organizational function as well.

  For her walls we really needed to get creative! The walls in her room are painted brick and we are unable to use nails or tacks to hang anything, that is where 3M Command strips along with Urbanwalls Decals are a perfect solution to beautifying the space!


Next week she is off with her dad. I hope she can take photos and send them to me so I can see everything in her new space.

Wish us all luck as we venture into uncharted territory!

XO Barbara

PS: I was not compensated in anyway by Ikea Canada, I just love that place.


  1. I love Ikea also! So glad we have one in Atlanta.....good luck to your daughter...I know it's gonna be hard to say goodby:(

  2. You are only a couple years ahead of me....I just started teaching Boy1 how to drive :( Sending you Momma-strength and a tissue. All the best to her on her new adventure. I love your mood board, she'll have the swankiest room there.

  3. Such an exciting time for everyone. I'm sure you'll miss her, but knowing she is off making a life for herself must feel so rewarding. Wish her luck!

  4. Your daughter will have the coolest room on the dorm block!

  5. Ahh... I remember the process of making lists of everything I would need and the big shopping spree with my mom to get everything for my dorm before university. It was an exciting time! In some ways, I kind of miss it... Good luck to your daughter and to you as you both transition to the next adventure!

  6. What a great way to begin! She's going to have such an awesome space - nice! And is choking up allowed? 'Cause that's what this post did to me. How does time fly by so fast? I'm right behind you, and not yet ready to deal!!!

  7. Aww. This is all because you did a great job with her! All the best...hope she's back to visit you really soon :)

  8. What a great roundup of perfect things for a pretty dorm room. She will be the envy of the university! And if there is one good thing about sending your daughter off on her own, its that at least you can decorate her new room. ;) Good luck!

  9. Your daughter is very lucky to have caring parents like you guys and how wonderful to get a beautifully decorated dorm room as well!


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