Playing with the camera

August 13, 2012

One thing that blogging has encouraged me to do it to attempt to take better photos. Let's stress the word "attempt". Bloggers like Centsational Girl photos put mine to shame -but I am taking baby steps. 

While searching through our camera bag, I found that we had a 50 mm fixed lens. Well, I have read that is THE lens for allowing in light. So I have been playing with it. I used it to take some of my reveal photos for the One Room Challenge, not the best, still need a tripod, ours lost a leg. Poor thing.

But since last week's photos I have taken more with two of my recent Chapters home decor clearance items added to the mix.

It is fun playing with settings, f-stops, etc. 

Don't ask me about photo lingo, I can't help you there, I just play with the thingamajigs.

I love my new striped wood box. So purty and $10.

And this one is was way to cool to leave behind. And for only $7 it was a done deal.

Any great photo tips? Or anything you recently discovered in the world of photography?

XO Barbara


  1. Those shots look great Barbara! It is hard enough for me to get the styling right then all the camera stuff. way to figure it out...I'm not there yet :) Love the new boxes it all looks great! They are one of my weaknesses too. May have to check Chapters while I'm in Van today. Was it Robson?

  2. I have a nice camera ... and something happened to the lens so I have to send it back. And now I am spending more time with my Iphone camera! I need a photo class!! Your photos are looking good!!

  3. YES! Beautiful shots Barbara...gorgeous. Can't wait to see more ;)

  4. Barbara one of these days I will read the manual.....but for now I am winging it :)

  5. Your photos are so lovely Barbara, what kind of camera do you use if you dont mind me asking?

  6. Your photos look fantastic. Love that owl- I have the same one! I really need to learn how to use my camera properly too.

  7. I will be following YOUR camera tips and ideas! Looking good my friend.

    Nice chatting w. you again! And hopefully I will see you soon (:

    Happy new week.



  8. I've been thinking about a nifty fifty lens myself.

    But my husband just suprised me with a T4i so I think I will be content with my current lenses awhile.

  9. BEAUtiful pics Barbara!! I love them all, and your Chapters finds are awesome. I too have always heard a 50mm lens is great for low light rooms, I really need to get one. What a nice surprise that you found one in your camera bag!!

    Nancy xo

  10. I'm slowly learning to take better pictures too, and also trying to remind myself that I don't NEED to get a post up the following morning so taking pictures at 11 pm at night when there is no natural light whatsoever isn't necessary.

    I'm thankful we had a DSLR before I started blogging, so I didn't have to go through any camera envy!

  11. I can tell you are playing around ..... that's the best part about photography, when you aren't stressing too much about your settings. That's when the true magic happens. How on Earth did the tripod lose a leg???

  12. No tips, I'm playing around too! Right now I take everything on AV, don't use flash, and curse when these boring beige walls turn pink in the photos... and then pray Photoshop will help me depink them ;-) I have heard great things about the 50mm lens, and one day may give it a try!

  13. Looking great Barbara! I love the reflection of the books in the silver box lid. Oh, and I frequent the clearance section at Chapters weekly! Some great scores to be found. Are you going to the Chapters/Indigo preview this week?

  14. You did a great job Barbara. I'm just now attempting to take better pictures--not easy when my brain doesn't work that way. I love boxes and adore the ones in your photos. Good work!

  15. fun!! That's what I will be doing next ... invest in a nice camera and learn to take some great pictures!

  16. When I saw that b&w striped box I immediately thought of you! Great photos - my tripod is definitely my best friend when it comes to good photos :)

    1. Yes, we need another. I have been eyeing that box forever, and had a weak moment:)

  17. It looks like you're getting a handle on the "thingamagigs" quite nicely. You did a fabulous job on your living room too!

  18. Great photos Barb! I need to invest in a quality camera myself. So tired of the crappy photos with my digital.

  19. Isn't it fun! I wing it, and since auto mode has been working quite well I really haven't swayed from it! But, I am going to take a photography course this fall... want to join me?!!! :)

  20. Barbara! These are truly gorgeous! Every single one. I think you have quite the talent in photography. Keep going!


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