Guest Posting at My Crafty Home Life

Yoo hoo! 

You can find me taking over Linda's blog at My Crafty Home Life.

Don't know Linda?

Well you should....she is the creative genious behind the One Room Challenge. If you have been following my blog, well, I participated in that One Room Challenge and zhushed up my living room.

Linda made over her bedroom. She added panelling, built in Ikea cabinets. and hacked a few Malm dressers, quite impressive.

I am sharing an oldie and a goodie DIY from the ol' blog vault. Using that DIY tutorial, I made over a few things for my living room zhushing update!

Dying to know what it is? Well, come on over, stay a while and say hello! I promise I don't bite.... 

XO Barbara


  1. Your lamp is awesome! I love the way it turned out... And you gave some great tips in the tutorial, the type of paint brushes to use in particular. Thanks for that! :-)

  2. I loved your guest post! The lamp is so pretty in silver!

  3. Heading over there now!

  4. Thanks, Barbara. I am having the hardest time leaving comments from my phone :-/ Technology and I don't always get along. I loved your post, and it gave me a new idea :D


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