Chapters/Indigo Holiday Preview

Last week, I along with a few other bloggers were invited to the Chapters/Indigo Holiday Preview event downtown Vancouver. As a fan of their book collection and now all the fabulous home decor/gifts selection I was curious to see what they had in store for us! 

They did not disappoint.

Would love these salt and pepper shakers on my table.

The items for the upcoming fall and holiday season were beautifully displayed. It got us all excited for the upcoming fall season. Chapters/Indigo is my go-to source for one-of-a-kind gifts - and their newest collections is even more fantastic! What I love is their tasteful selection, you can be sure that your gift will be a hit. Recently I bought two amazing teachers that my eldest had who went above and beyond their call of duty, a Voluspa candle. They adored the tin it came in and the scent was heavenly. 

But what is a great media event without some hilarity thrown in! I laughed when a certain blogger {we won't name any names} sniffed the highball glass to check if there was real liquor in the glasses. And the nuts in the bowl, they were given the sniff test as well! Lets just say we all had fun hanging out! A few enjoyed wearing the fur ear muffs and hats in the summer heat, their on-hand photographer managed to get more than a few entertaining shots from us!

 The icing on the cake? Rob Feenie, Vancouver's celebrity chef whipped up some amazing bites from his newest cookbook for us to nibble on while browsing and socializing. We had a chance to meet him, and have him autograph his latest cookbook that came in our swag bag!

Photo: Rosa Pearson

And here is the swag bag we received! We were given two youth books that have yet to be sold on shelves! My son was really excited to read them before anyone else!

So if you ever need a great gift, don't forget to pop into your local Chapters or Indigo store!

XO Barbara

PS. For my American friends, Chapters/Indigo is similar to your Barnes and Noble!


  1. You are going to take me when I come for a visit, right?!

    I would have sniffed those glasses too! (:

    Hugs to you lovely Barbara.


    1. Of course Monika- i will take you! But you need to come up!

  2. Looks like a blast Barb! You are so lucky...I love the gift items at Chapters too! They are so beautiful and tasteful! Angie xo

  3. So many nice things. How cool that you got to go to the partay! Guess you have some yummy RF recipes to get you through the winter!

  4. So cool! Looks like it was a great time. I just love Chapters (spend many Saturdays there!) and their wooden items you've shown look great.

  5. LOVE chapters & indigo! Looking forward to seeing these items in store! Thanks for sharing these with us ;)

  6. What fun! Our book club selection for this month is Gold!

  7. so jealous!! I will have to go to the next one! What a fab event and thanks for all the sneak peek :)

  8. lovin everything! so jealous! thanks for the sneak peek!!!!

  9. I love Indigo/Chapters - and some people have no idea the gems beyond the books. My gifts that have got the best reactions have been for their! Found your blog through Michaela Noelle today - fellow Canadian blogger, I'm fairly new and learning the ropes but definetly will be looking around and following! Cheers

  10. It was really nice to hang with my hodge podge girl. You now know what I want for Christmas? ..... here's a hint, they are furry and cover my ears.... no wait, I think I like the hat better. I won't be able to hear anything with the muffs on. Ewwww muffs, that sounds a bit bad.

  11. It was a fun afternoon! I love seeing what other people are drawn to with their photos. Maybe Santa will bring you the owly s+p shakers. You never did tell what the sniff test revealed...was it real booze in the glass???

  12. Your photos are stunning. Love Indigo home decor and such. Last year I purchased the cute white owl bookends for my office, and I adore them. Can't wait to see what comes home with me this year.

  13. Lovely collection. I'll be checking them all out for sure, I was just in there to pick up some items. Thanks for sharing your great photos!


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