~Don't Show This To My Husband~

As I was browsing through design*sponge this morning, I stumbled across this Toronto home. The home belongs to artist Courtenay Wotherspoon. What almost made me fall off the chair is this photo of her gorgeous entryway. 

I am married to a bike FANATIC, who cycles every chance he gets, collects bicycles to the point that one lives in my family room (it migrated from our bedroom). It is a bone of contention. He thinks I should incorporate it into our home design. 

This photo should NOT be shown to him!

source: HGTV Canada

I love Courtenay's quirky sense of style and her home. In this space, she successfully marries the heritage staircase with an Ikea console, vintage framed mirror, Starck ghost chair and the practical bicycle as art. Isn't the archway to die for?

LOVE it!
 (except we will still keep this photo away from my husband, this could help his cause)


~What's Your Style in One Picture Challenge~

I am a bit slow in writing up posts but this one challenge put out by Ally from The Right Bank had me thinking, how would I sum up my style in one photo? I was up for this challenge which had me browsing through my bookmarked images. It was a toss up between a few but this one speaks to me.

 My style is ever-evolving, a bit of a hodgepodge, hence the name of my blog. But I have always loved this photo. If I could sum up my style it would be seen in Margot Austin's kitchen. I love the simplicity of the space, the rustic chic elegance. 

What I love is the airiness of the space, the clean lines, the white, black and grey palette, the old world elements, the bare wood floors and the gorgeous carriage light. The only thing missing are some red elements, my favourite colour. 


~Flowers around the House and a Winner!~

I love fresh cut flowers around the house especially if they are from my garden. 

With all the crummy rainy weather we have been having, what better way to liven up damp spirits than to cut fresh flowers (in between rain showers) and place them in a vase for all to see and smell.

(ok - these aren't from my garden, my husband bought them for me)

We did have a few "visitors" come running out of the peonies, but a few whacks with a flip flop solved that problem!

Nothing like waking up to sweet smelling roses.

Also for those waiting and anticipating, sorry for the delay.....

The winner of the $40 gift certificate to CSN stores is.......

(once again, couldn't embed random number generator- anyone know how?)

Blogger Donna @ dh designs said...

I would use the GC towards some baby goodies for my first grandchild who will arrive in September :)!

Thanks for hosting!

And please drop by my blog to enter my giveaway - my very first one!!!


Congratulations Donna!
Ahem....maybe I'll win your first giveaway, I am wanting those earrings!
Enjoy spending your $40 and spoiling your new grandchild!


Just wanted to say thanks to Jennifer Ramos of MadeByGirl  for the shout-out. 

Not sure if her thanking me for a posting I wrote about my favourite print of hers is considered a shout-out but thanks anyways. I was thrilled to see my simple-not-too-fancy header among other more popular blogs last Friday! I felt like a little fish in the big sea. I was so nervous about what people would think about my blog when they popped by.

 I wrote her a thank-you in her comments and had 2 spelling mistakes - so in awe that I messed up - sheesh!

My favourite print by Jennifer is this one:

And since it never came for Mother's Day (er...family doesn't get etsy) I went out and ordered one for myself. It should arrive soon! Can't wait to hang it up!

Thanks Jennifer!

A side note: I FINALLY won a giveaway from another wonderful etsy shop and can't wait to show you what I picked!


~A Mirror Transformed~

My daughter's bedroom is finally coming together, I am just adding the finishing touches and a few more furnishings. 

When she came home from her hiking trip she was thrilled with the Stonington Gray on the walls.

 Her words (and my other daughter's words as well) "It looks so grown up!"

 Just the mood I was trying to convey with the colour choice. Glad to have a satisfied client. 

 The furniture is back in, her "collectables" have been edited, new bedding purchased, art hung and I have re-vamped a few thrift store finds. One is this ornate mirror I found at a recent thrift store jaunt, each for $5. I bought two, one for each girl. This mirror will help bring a bit of glam to the room.

This is where spray paint comes to the rescue. 

First I spray primed the mirror frames with spray on primer, then I sprayed them white. 

I didn't like the white frame against the gray, it was too stark.
Spraying the mirror with a bit of black allows it to really pop against the gray walls and now coordinates well with all the other frames on the art wall above her bed. 

{no matter how I tweak the photo, the camera doesn't capture the wall colour}

We are still choosing some photos from her massive collection of photos (teenage girls take a LOT of photos) to place in a few frames.

But here is a sneak peek: 

You can see the peony painting I painted early on in the year.

All that is left is to source out a nightstand and make the headboard, which I will need my husband's help with the jigsaw if I want to keep all my fingers!

SNS @ Funky Junk Interiors


~Pretty Glass Bottles Come in Handy~

An idea I  stole borrowed from Martha Stewart's book "Good Things" is to put alcohol decanter toppers into glass bottles that can be then used to store dish soap or olive oil. 

Don't they look pretty on the counter top?  Much better than an ugly plastic bottle. 

{ugh-my hideous blinds}

I have used one bottle for dish soap for years but recently found another pretty bottle to house olive oil. After cleaning out my laundry room cupboards I found the triangular one which I am giving to my sister as a gift to add some pretty to her kitchen as well. 

Now I am going to be on the lookout for bottles with unique shapes to fill with soap, oil or  vinegar. 

Wouldn't they make great hostess/host or teacher's gifts?