~A Mirror Transformed~

My daughter's bedroom is finally coming together, I am just adding the finishing touches and a few more furnishings. 

When she came home from her hiking trip she was thrilled with the Stonington Gray on the walls.

 Her words (and my other daughter's words as well) "It looks so grown up!"

 Just the mood I was trying to convey with the colour choice. Glad to have a satisfied client. 

 The furniture is back in, her "collectables" have been edited, new bedding purchased, art hung and I have re-vamped a few thrift store finds. One is this ornate mirror I found at a recent thrift store jaunt, each for $5. I bought two, one for each girl. This mirror will help bring a bit of glam to the room.

This is where spray paint comes to the rescue. 

First I spray primed the mirror frames with spray on primer, then I sprayed them white. 

I didn't like the white frame against the gray, it was too stark.
Spraying the mirror with a bit of black allows it to really pop against the gray walls and now coordinates well with all the other frames on the art wall above her bed. 

{no matter how I tweak the photo, the camera doesn't capture the wall colour}

We are still choosing some photos from her massive collection of photos (teenage girls take a LOT of photos) to place in a few frames.

But here is a sneak peek: 

You can see the peony painting I painted early on in the year.

All that is left is to source out a nightstand and make the headboard, which I will need my husband's help with the jigsaw if I want to keep all my fingers!

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  1. I'm not a huge fan of grey, but personal preferences aside, what you've done so far looks great! Very grown up indeed.

  2. I love your transformation projects Barbara, and this one didn't disappoint! What a terrific find for the girls' rooms, and it looks FAB in black!

    Looking so forward to seeing the room all finished!

  3. Looking good Barb! I love the mirrors - what a great find!

  4. The room looks so pretty and I love your painting! You are so talented!

  5. This room is looking amazing, and I am so glad your daughters liked it too!! The mirror looks stunning in black, I agree that I think I like it black more than I would white. It looks expensive, what a great find!! Can't wait to see the room with the headboard and all.

  6. looking good! i love the peony painting you did! beautiful!

  7. The room looks great, and I love the mirrors!

  8. I never score anything ornate while visiting my local thrift store. Guess I need to venture out more? That mirror is awesome!

  9. It looks fabulous so far!

    Many Blessings,

  10. Don't you hate it when the pictures just don't get the color right. Love the peony picture against the grey. Great Job mom!

  11. The peek looks great! Love your choice of gray walls. :) Regarding the globes you asked about today - I don't know where they're from unfortunately but I have been seeing a lot of globes in antique shops lately. Sorry I can't be of more help!

  12. I can't wait for a full reveal. It's looking great.

  13. Looking great! I love the grey walls! The mirror transformations are fantastic!

  14. these are so cute!! I hope they get linked up http://iheartnaptime.blogspot.com/

  15. Hey Barbara! Thanks for the comments over at my little roller coaster life! Hopefully you remember I am the same girl who e-mailed you about those chairs I found here in Baltimore! haha!

    Thanks for commenting and being a follower! It means so much to me!!

  16. What a cute room, I love the paper lanterns!!
    Isn't spray paint the best?!


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