~What's Your Style in One Picture Challenge~

June 22, 2010

I am a bit slow in writing up posts but this one challenge put out by Ally from The Right Bank had me thinking, how would I sum up my style in one photo? I was up for this challenge which had me browsing through my bookmarked images. It was a toss up between a few but this one speaks to me.

 My style is ever-evolving, a bit of a hodgepodge, hence the name of my blog. But I have always loved this photo. If I could sum up my style it would be seen in Margot Austin's kitchen. I love the simplicity of the space, the rustic chic elegance. 

What I love is the airiness of the space, the clean lines, the white, black and grey palette, the old world elements, the bare wood floors and the gorgeous carriage light. The only thing missing are some red elements, my favourite colour. 



  1. What a beautiful photo Barbara. I love the open shelves and that island is gorgeous!

  2. What a gorgeous kitchen! I love those floors, that ceiling and the open shelving. The gray cart is just perfect and I love the lantern too. Thank you for participating in my challenge!

  3. Such a great choice Barbara! I love the color palette as well, the center island in black seem totally you! I love it, it is bright and airy and charming all around.

  4. oh! i love that picture! great taste!

  5. I'd like to see some color in there too. You could pretty much go with any color you choose too, but red would work well. This is a lot that I think is achievable for the average family too.

  6. I love everything about Margot's kitchen and was going to choose it as my style in one picture as well. I just did an interview with her on the blog, so didn't want it to seem like I was infatuated with her or something:)

  7. I love it! I think the contrast between the island and the other cabinets really makes it special.

  8. Oh yes, I love this kitchen too!

  9. This is a beautiful kitchen. I love the hardwood flooring -- it looks old and rustic. The island is great, and love that light fixture :-) Those look like roasting pan covers hanging the wall next to the door -- very unique idea :-)



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