Just wanted to say thanks to Jennifer Ramos of MadeByGirl  for the shout-out. 

Not sure if her thanking me for a posting I wrote about my favourite print of hers is considered a shout-out but thanks anyways. I was thrilled to see my simple-not-too-fancy header among other more popular blogs last Friday! I felt like a little fish in the big sea. I was so nervous about what people would think about my blog when they popped by.

 I wrote her a thank-you in her comments and had 2 spelling mistakes - so in awe that I messed up - sheesh!

My favourite print by Jennifer is this one:

And since it never came for Mother's Day (er...family doesn't get etsy) I went out and ordered one for myself. It should arrive soon! Can't wait to hang it up!

Thanks Jennifer!

A side note: I FINALLY won a giveaway from another wonderful etsy shop and can't wait to show you what I picked!



  1. woo hoo - you finally won a blog giveaway! So cool that you were mentioned on Made By Girl's blog!

  2. I love that print of Jennifer's as well Barbara! I love her other one that says 'I love you blogs and tea' since I am a tea drinker, lol. So nice that she gave you a shout out :) Can't wait to see where you hang your lovely print. And how exciting that you won a giveaway! I haven't yet, but here's hoping!


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