~Flowers around the House and a Winner!~

I love fresh cut flowers around the house especially if they are from my garden. 

With all the crummy rainy weather we have been having, what better way to liven up damp spirits than to cut fresh flowers (in between rain showers) and place them in a vase for all to see and smell.

(ok - these aren't from my garden, my husband bought them for me)

We did have a few "visitors" come running out of the peonies, but a few whacks with a flip flop solved that problem!

Nothing like waking up to sweet smelling roses.

Also for those waiting and anticipating, sorry for the delay.....

The winner of the $40 gift certificate to CSN stores is.......

(once again, couldn't embed random number generator- anyone know how?)

Blogger Donna @ dh designs said...

I would use the GC towards some baby goodies for my first grandchild who will arrive in September :)!

Thanks for hosting!

And please drop by my blog to enter my giveaway - my very first one!!!


Congratulations Donna!
Ahem....maybe I'll win your first giveaway, I am wanting those earrings!
Enjoy spending your $40 and spoiling your new grandchild!


  1. Thank you thank you thank you!!! I'll definitely enjoy spoiling our little bundle!

    Now ... let's go SHOPPING!!!

    Thanks again Barbara - LOVE your flower pics!

  2. Yay Donna!! Congrats :) And I love all of your flowers Barbara!! We have peonies that usually bring a few friends along too, so I laughed when I read your description!! They sure are pretty aren't they?

  3. You lucky girl, getting such a pretty bouquet from your hubby ;) I have always wanted to wake up to fresh flowers too, but our nightstands are too darn small =(

  4. The peonies are beautiful and how sweet of your husband to get you that beautiful bouquet!


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