Vintage Chair Makeover with Fusion Mineral Paint

Inside: Painting vintage Modern Farmhouse inspired chairs using Fusion Mineral Paint in Coal Black.

Last year I purchased a vintage table and chair set for $60. If you have been following along, I refinished the table and shipped it out to my daughters' place in Edmonton. I kept the chairs and painted them using Fusion Mineral Paint in Coal Black. My daughter loved the chairs I revamped so she found the same set. A few weeks ago I flew out to paint them for her! Many thanks to Fusion Mineral Paint for sponsoring the project. I LOVE their paint. So easy to work with, their colours are stunning and so is the finish! It finishes with an amazing matte finish and goes on like butter.

The key to a flawless and lasting finish is the prep. There is no such thing as no prep paint. You have to prep the piece if you want your painted finish to last. The first thing I did was make sure all the legs and spindles were solid. If they aren't you can use wood glue to fix anything that might be loose.

Here are the supplies you will need:

Give it a good sanding using 220 grit sandpaper. You aren't trying to remove the finish completely but you are trying to de-gloss and scuff it up so there is something for the paint to grip onto.

Next you are going to give the piece a wash to remove the sanding dust and any grime that is on.

Now comes the fun part -painting! Using a good quality brush apply the paint. I love the Staalmeester brushes that Fusion Mineral Paint carries. The key to Fusion Mineral Paint is not to overbrush or you will see brush marks. They have many how-to videos on their website to help!

After 2 coats of paint (I needed a 3 coat on some parts) - the piece is finished.

Let the pieces cure for several days before using them. I find painted pieces don't fully cure for a month, so light use until then.

Here is quick before:


Love the matte finish!

Fusion Mineral Paint has a built-in top coat and for some projects you wouldn't need a protective coat. If you piece is going to have a lot of use, then you might want to consider using a clear protective top coat!
Be sure to visit Fusion Mineral Paint's website to be inspired and to find a retailer close to you! Its one of my favourite paint brands to use!


  1. Love what you do with the furniture that you buy second hand.
    And yes if you want a good look. There is a process that you need to follow. Thanks for the tips.

  2. What a lucky daughter! I absolutely love this set. I read that you said Fusion has a top coat built in to the paint and you don't have to seal each piece depending on usage. Did you seal the chairs? If so, what type of top coat did you use? Inspired to try Fusion paints now!

    1. Fusion comes with a built in top coat, so I didn't seal the chairs. The key is to prep them well and then to let the paint cure!

  3. Did you do something with the table top? I have not done a project yet but would like to try this on my old oak table. I will definitely paint the pedestal but sobering if I should stain the top or paint it a different colour

  4. Can you use a paint sprayer with this paint?

  5. Did you only use one 500ml can of paint for all 6 chairs?


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