How To Makeover a Fire Bowl

Inside: Making over a rusted fire bowl using specialty spray paint by Rustoleum Canada.

*This project is sponsored by Rustoleum Canada as part of their #SprayNewLife campaign!

We had a rusty sad fire bowl sitting in our backyard that had seen better days. Not wanting to put it into the landfill, I decided it needed a makeover for our fire pit area. Last year I created a fire pit area, and I found old Adirondack chairs that needed a makeover (more on that on another post!) which meant the rusted fire bowl needed a re-vamp as well.

Here is the fire bowl in all it's matte black glory!

What it looked like before, ready for the landfill.

Using a few cans of Rustoluem's Specialty High Heat spray paint, it now looks fresh and new!

How To:


  • 3 Cans of Rustoleum's Specialty High Heat spay paint
  • Drop cloth
  • Sanding pad in 60 grit


Do this project outside or in a well-ventilated area.  

1.   Dismantle fire bowl and lay out the pieces onto a drop cloth.

2.   Using sanding pad, sand off rust areas to get a smooth surfaces, as best as you can. Depending on how rusty the item is, you may not get it smooth, The goa is to remove anything flaky.

3.  Wipe off dust and give the whole thing a good cleaning with a garden hose. Let dry.

4.  Once dry, shake spray paint and apply in light even coats covering the all the parts. When one side is dry (about 1 hour), flip over and apply spray paint to the other side. You may need to apply a second coat. 

5. Let dry and assemble pieces. Wait a few days for paint to fully cure before using. Enjoy a warm cozy fire as the evenings get cooler and have a S’mores party! 

Be sure to visit Rustoleum's website for more DIY ideas and to find the perfect product where you can get inspired to #spraynewlife!

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