One Room Challenge | Week 1 : Budget Friendly Master Bedroom Makeover

Hello and welcome!

If you are new here, my husband and I live in a rental home situated in the suburbs of Vancouver. We never planned on renting for as long as we have but with the crazy real estate market we are still here.

Renting our home doesn't mean we can't have a beautifully decorated home, so I don't shy away from adding my touch! I have used the One Room Challenge as a way to add personality to our rental home. You can see what I did with a spare bedroom here and our kitchen here! Fun fact: I used to be a "feature" designer for the One Room Challenge, waaaaay back when Linda first created the event. Think dark and grainy photos. It has been very exciting watching her idea blow up into this fabulous event! Follow along as I make over our master bedroom for 6 weeks as a guest participant. 


Since we are renting, our bedroom will get a cosmetic refresh. There will be no fancy wall moldings, new doors or flooring happening here. My goal is to buy used, paint, shop the house and zhush what I have. I might buy a few accessories but really want to show you a realistic budget, in real time and where I don't have a handyman OR handy Instagram husband helping.

Lately I am feeling so inundated with the commercial feel of Instagram and blogs and even this challenge, so I'm rebelling a little and going at it alone and trying to re-use what I have! There is a feeling that you aren't something unless you have your whole room sponsored or you are gutting and re-doing the whole space. That's just not my life!

So if you still want to stick around, here is my plan: (it is going to be VERY fluid as I don't always stick to my plan and have a tendency to wing it)

  • Paint the walls - most likely Pale Oak or White Dove by Benjamin Moore
  • Move furniture around.
  • Switch armchairs
  • Possibly slipcover an armchair with green velvet
  • Switch out artwork
  • Get an oversize mirror from Target (unless I can find one locally without breaking the bank)
  • Switch hardware on dressers.
  • Find a floor lamp.
  • Add a few more pillows  - did someone say Tonic Living?
  • New duvet cover
  • Possibly an area rug

Come back next week to see if I managed to get anything done!

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