One Room Challenge | Week 4: Budget Friendly Master Bedroom Makeover

Welcome back! It's week 4 of the One Room Challenge where I have insanely jumped into the madness and am regretting my decision right about now.

What is the One Room Challenge? It is where 20 featured designers are making over a space in 6 weeks. All of the featured designers will create amazing spaces, armed with sponsors and the ability to renovate and make drastic changes to their homes. I jumped on the guest participant bandwagon and feel like melting into a puddle of tears right now.

If you are new here, my hubby and I live in a rental home where I  have been slowly adding our touch to our home using creativity and ingenuity! You can visit my last 2 One Room Challenge makeovers where I re-designed our kitchen with renter friendly updates and I revamped our son's old bedroom into my sewing room!

I am giving our master bedroom a refresh. My goal is to stick to a very tight budget, and re-use what I have and shop the house as much as I can. I have been searching Facebook marketplace for a few things, nightstands in burled or flamed wood or a large area rug, but I have fallen short. Fingers crossed something will pop up in time!

What I have managed to accomplish is to paint the walls, TWICE! The initial colour wasn't speaking to me, so I switched to Cloud White by Benjamin Moore. The throw pillows I had on my bed, now don't seem to jive with the rest of the space, so in the last hour I am sewing new ones.

New hardware was purchased and ordered from Lee Valley, waiting for their arrival this week!

I was wanting to use O'verlays to beef up the current Hemnes dressers in the room but the turn around time for O'verlays for our Ikea dressers was too long, so I am not going to be using them at this time.

This Liberace gold mirror followed me home from Homesense.

My plan is to tone down the gold this weekend. 

This is the inspiration for my mirror, from A Glass of Bovino.

The basic wall sconces got a makeover with some spray paint.

The end is in sight and I still have so much to do:

  • sew slipcovers
  • sew throw pillows
  • find frame for art work
  • hang up artwork on one wall
  • find accessories
  • re-do Liberace mirror
  • hang up sconces
  • find an area rug and/or nightstands on Facebook marketplace??

Thanks for popping by! This blog gets lonely from time to time!

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  1. Can't wait to see how it all turns out. Love your Liberace reference, lol.

    1. Thanks! Its the first thing that came to my mind when I saw how bright it was! Might age me a little though.


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