Home Tour: A Teen Girl's Room

Since we are moving out in less than 2 weeks, I figured I should show you our current home. I have shown rooms here and there, but not all at once! I am still not satisfied with where everything is decor-wise, but with financial setbacks, kids in university, etc. my decorating had taken a temporary hiatus. With the new house we are moving into, I hope to take decorating into high gear! I hope to repaint and refresh things!

Today's tour is J's room - it was never fully finished. We were still on the hunt for a furniture item to house her pet reptile- yikes!

Here is the before when we moved it. Dark army green. 

What I love is the power of paint to transform a space. Since we were renting this home, wallpapering wasn't an option, so we painted her room White Dove by Benjamin Moore and then the stripes were painted with Black Bean Soup by Benjamin Moore. Using Craigslist finds, Ikea, thrift store chair and a DIY headboard, her room came together beautifully!

This room was even featured at Style at Home online and House of Fifty Ezine!

We will be sad to say good bye to the striped wall! But am excited to reuse her things to come up with something new.

XO Barbara


  1. I'd be sad to see the stripes go too, but I can't wait to see what you come up with in the new space! So exciting!

  2. Love the black white striped wall! Good luck with your move.

  3. Did you make or buy that awesome peacock feather picture?? I LOVE it!!

    1. Laurie, thanks - my daughter (the one whose room is featured) painted it! She had an etsy shop for a while but closed it.

  4. God.....I love those stripes! Great room:)

  5. Beautiful, Barbara. I especially love the upholstery on her desk chair - it's so perfect with everything else you did. Hope the move goes well!

  6. I so adore those stripes but I know whatever you do with the new house will be even better!!!!

  7. Beautiful! Excited to see what you do in the new space too.


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