Smelly Stuff

This isn't a pretty post, but instead about the nitty gritty inner workings of under my kitchen sink. If want to see pretty, then read no further...

Naturally one puts their garbage can under the kitchen sink, but who puts a heating vent under it as well? The two combined, make for one stinky kitchen. Another thing that makes me go..."hmmmm". Clearly, the thought was to keep ones toes warm while the dishes are being washed. That would be fine, but somehow the heat vents up the sides where there is an opening because of the angle of the cupboard. That makes for a "ripe" smelling garbage that can stink up the kitchen. I was wracking my brain how to solve this problem, when in my inbox I received an email from Glad wondering if I wanted to review their Glad Odour Guard bags with Febreeze. The timing couldn't be better. I received  green can compostable garbage bags along with some kitchen catcher garbage bags.

 See? Heating vent under the garbage. P.U.!

Why yes, those are dishes in the sink...keeping it real.

The green can compostable bags fits perfectly in the compost can where I collect all kitchen scraps. It keeps it nice and clean and no smell! The only drawback is I found out our municipality doesn't allow compostable bags in our Green Can. Not a problem, I just dump what is in the bag into the outdoor Green Can and dispose of the bag in my regular trash bin. It makes for a clean under the sink compost bin!

The Kitchen Catcher Odour Guard garbage bags from Glad are large enough to fit my under the sink garbage can perfectly. I found that my el cheapo garbage bags I was using previously weren't quite long enough, and would slide down inside, then I had more of a mess to clean. These bags are long enough and really do trap odours! So nice to come down in the morning and not be turned off by the smell. A quick grab and tie and into the trash they go! 

Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

This helps make for a smooth and calm morning so I can enjoy this...

And be glad :) 

XO Barbara

* This post was created in partnership with Glad Odour Guard garbage bags, the opinions are all mine.


  1. I like those compostable bags for the green bin - and I really love the size of your green bin too - can I ask where you bought that?

    We also have a heating vent under the garbage. I guess warm toes means we have to put up with the smells. :)


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