My Houzz Ideabook

Popping in to say hello. Still no house found and no inspiration has hit me in the noggin. I did help my sister narrow down a colour choice for her main living area! We are hoping to paint next week. I'll be sure to take before and after photos!

It has slipped my mind to let you all know that despite the blogging blahs, I have been asked to be a monthly contributor to Houzz ideabooks! So far I have two under my belt. The latest Ideabook: Decor Solutions for the Stylish Renter has made it to their featured page! Glad to see my ideas have inspired others!

Pop over to check out some ideas for creating a stylish abode.

XO Barbara


  1. All great ideas, Barbara. Good luck finding a house (and some inspiration)!

  2. Congratulations that's great to be writing for Houzz. And good luck with the house hunting. I'm sure you'll find your perfect place soon.

  3. Nice article Barbara! I always cringe when I read through the comment section on Houzz, most commenters are super nice and supportive but some just speak their mind whether we want to hear it or not, but then I remember to just let it go. Your answer was a good one though :)

    1. Thanks Stephanie. I was not going to say anything but I couldn't help myself! Thanks! I hope your summer is going well. Do you know that I worked with a teacher named Stephanie Norris?

  4. Such a great round up, Barbara! That wallpaper? swoon!!

    p.s. haters gonna hate... sheesh.

  5. Congrats on the Houzz articles! Lots of innovative ideas there, Barbara!

  6. Congratulations, Barb! That's awesome!! :-)


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