My Latest Houzz Ideabook

About the only thing I manage to write this summer is my ideabook for Houzz! It has been a fun adventure contributing to Houzz! Pop over to see my latest: 20 Fabulous Patio Lighting Ideas.

My last ideabook was quite popular!

Not much happening here at me casa. I did spray paint some lanterns - nothing exciting. I won't bore you with before and after photos that you have seen countless times on the net. 

Good news on the home front  - our landlords have decided not to sell the house and keep it for a few more years. That means we don't have to hurry and find another home, we can take our time house hunting to find just the right house for us and not compromise! 

 Instead of painting walls, I am eyeing furniture in the house that needs some zhushing. A bored mom with a garage full of paint and old boring Ikea furniture is a recipe for some painting fun. We shall see if I gather up the gumption needed to actually take on the task.

Can one overdose on blueberries? We have been enjoying fresh fruit from local farms, for those of you who follow me on Instagram will have seen the blueberry mania.  I have consumed so many blueberries these past few days, I am afraid my skin will turn blue.



  1. Good news that you don't have to rush with finding a house. I guess you'll be focusing on changing some things, I know I crave change when I plan some changes but they don't happen? Know what I mean??
    Painting is always fun and relaxing, right?!
    I am also wanting to diy something, I feel the need, but summer makes me lazy somehow..


  2. That's good news - let the hunt begin!! Have fun with the decorating!! I painted my bathroom last weekend...I was full of beans in the morning and by 3:00 I was questioning my sanity! It's still fun (don't get me wrong) but it takes me so much longer and hurts more the next day :)

  3. So glad you have more time for your house hunt. Pressured decisions aren't fun! And, the blueberries...they say they're amazing brain fruit. I'm sure you're increasing your intelligence this summer! ;)

  4. Imagine all the antioxidants running through your veins right now!

  5. What a relief that you can take your time with the house hunt. Now that the pressure's off, I bet the perfect house at the right price will present itself! Had a great time hanging out with you yesterday. :)

  6. Nice to take that pressure off I'm sure! Can't wait to see what your painting does! Now off to see your Houzz Ideabook!

  7. Oh thank goodness! Seriously, that must've made your summer!!! Have fun doing what you love to do, and don't worry about eating too many blueberries ..... apparently they're detoxifying and you need that when dealing with such A_ _ H _ _ _ _ landlords :-) Have a great weekend and let's get together soon. Off to check out your Houzz Ideabook.

  8. Great that your housing situation feels a little more stable - so important! And no, I don't think you can OD on blueberries. Last year in PEI we must have eaten 20 pounds!

  9. That's good news about your home Barbara, and I'll check out your Houzz links - I'm sure you picked some beautiful outdoor lightings!

  10. I'm so glad you don't have to rush to move! Any I love the lighting picks!

  11. So glad to hear you have time on your side. School should be starting back up soon....then you will be super busy.

  12. Enjoy your summer, love your lantern choices....everyone of them as wonderful as the next or last!

  13. I just start my house hunting, and what a house-hunting saga!!

    edvard munch schrei

  14. What a relief it must be for you! I haven't overdosed on blueberries yet, but I'm not far behind you. Love the outdoor lighting options!

  15. Hello Barbara,
    Hope you're well. I am new here :) but still happy house hunting!

    I must say I am loving the warm and comfortable aura of your blog. I love lanterns, and especially since its Halloween season they are the best for outdoor/indoor lighting. Don't you think thrift finds are the best? They are so old school and classic!

    Have a great day!

    p.s. I love blueberries too!



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