Hello September

Hello??? Anyone still there?

I'm back! Did you miss me? Don't get too comfortable, because I might be sporadic for the next few weeks. With school starting up for myself and all the 3 kiddos, life is busy!

I am teaching grade one this year! Eek! I am excited and anxious at the same time. This will be my second year teaching, first year teaching grade one. I am scrambling trying to get organized and figure out what I need to teach. Grade one is a whole different ballgame than grade two my friends. Wish me luck. I did take pictures of me classroom, maybe when it is done I can show the photos to you. Not exciting and let's just say there is an overuse of comic sans fonts and primary colours in my room. So not how I would decorate my home or my blog!

I feel bad that I didn't post more often this summer. Frankly, I just didn't feel like it. It was nice not to have to do write anything. Really, no projects were accomplished around me casa, except f you follow me on Instagram, you would of caught snippets of some Ikea hacking and gold spray paint! Our master bedroom got a bit of zhushing action. Still not finished yet, need to sew some pillows with delicious fabric.

Here are some iPhone pictures....hoping to take some better ones later when all is complete and the whole back-to-school thing out of the way.

We are still slowly house hunting. Nothing has jumped out at me. Our landlords aren't rushing to sell the house, we aren't rushing to buy one. The hubs and I aren't sure what to do. In three years, our baby graduates high school. Do we need a 5 bedroom home still? I know they come back, everyone seems to be telling me that. But we don't want to be helicopter parents, and would like the kiddos to be self sufficient, therefore, maybe buying a home that isn't tooooo comfortable for 5, but a bit more "cozy" so as to make it more desirable to live elsewhere? Just thinking out loud folks... cause my babies are my babies, and we want to help them when we can.

On the weekend we said good-bye to the eldest baby as she embarks on her second year of university. She had a rough summer, fighting mono for 4 weeks! Her finances took a hit. But she is such a strong person, she was determined to go back this fall. She is no longer in residence and found a fully stocked suite for 4 girls. She knows one of them. I am praying the move-in goes well, as does the whole 4 roommates business! And she has to cook for herself! Cooking was never her forte. I suspect emails and texts will be coming through, asking for help :)

Phew! Just a quick run down of where I am at. Hope you all have an amazing summer! And I am excited for fall, my FAVOURITE season! Fingers crossed, I can get some more blogging in!



  1. Welcome back. Funny how we all need breaks sometimes even from blogging. Hope everything goes the way you want with those cute as buttons Grade 1 kids. All the best...B:)

  2. Of course I missed you. But, I more than understand. One day, whenever, I will probably just go off on an adventure....until then, I'll read about others. I am so excited for you. Everyone remembers their first grade teacher. Mine was Mrs. Setzer, and she was old....like grandmother age. You will be the best first grade teacher, ever.

  3. good luck, so many decisions to make, but glad you both are in no rush.. Take it easy, everything will fall in the right place for sure. :-)

  4. Everyone remembers their grade one teacher! ;) I'm sure you will be the best one ever!
    I'll sure miss my rendering and coffee buddy though. Hope to see you soon!

  5. oh dear sorry your oldest had mono! Glad she is on the mend and headed to a suite with a kitchen...I am sure you armed her with recipes etc!
    Love what you did for your bedroom, good reading amterial, and love the personal pics! I think I will try that!
    The fabric is stunning!
    You are a hard worker and every mom in your gr 1 class will be in love with your tenderness control & conscientiousness ! Blessed families I say!
    I guess now you are full time coffees out!
    Buy a home big enough to have kids return (for a while) but small enough to be cozy! You will know!

  6. Welcome back! We all missed you! House hunting is not easy and Chris is going though the same situation: landlord isn't eager to sell and him not eager to move. We are still looking his dream home and that may just result in a pre-construction. We will see.

    good luck to your girl. I moved in with 3 guys as well when I went to uni and I also didn't know how to cook. Well. .. i still don't know how to cook and being the spoiled only child, my parents prepped my meals weekly and I drove home weekly to restock. Spoiled right? I know!

  7. Good luck this week at school, Barbara! I'm sure you will do great with your little first graders.

  8. So many good things happening for you B! I can't wait to see your world unfurrow with goodness. Have fun teaching and we forgive you for being sporadic, weren't we all a little sporadic this summer? You deserve it.

  9. Good to see you enjoyed your summer with out the pressures of feeling like you needed to blog! My son is in first grade this year! I am so excited for the stuff he will be learning! No pressure... ha! I am loving the gold accents and the pink art! Post when you feel like it and we all will keep on reading! Good luck on your first year as a first grade teacher!

  10. Yay you're Grade 1. You can get one of those foam fingers and jump around with it. I remember my Gr. 1 teacher too. Mrs. Degenhardt! Hope your first week back is fun and no regrets lady - it's great that you took some time off..glad you're back.

  11. Love love that chinoiserie fabric! Will you share the source?

    1. Leslie,

      I bought the fabric at Tonic Living!


  12. I think it would be so cool if my mom blogged - I love reading your parenting perspective as it applies to your young adult children - so many of the blogs I follow have wee ones so reading about teens and high school and roommates is refreshing and brings me back to those days (so long ago).

    teaching grade 1 is definitely on my list of dream jobs - I loved my grade one teacher, Mrs, Styles. and speaking of love, I LOVE your new blog design!! I had no idea Brittany was juggling us both as clients!! your last blog design introduced me to her and I've been twitter stalking her ever since. I definitely gave her a run for her money.

    welcome back to blogging - even if it's sporadic - you were missed. xo

  13. Those are some lucky kids to get your for their first year teacher! I think everyone that blogs gets the time when you feel overwhelmed and unmotivated to post. You were smart to just step aside until you felt inclined. Congrats on your new blog design! The right house will come at the right time at the right price. Have patience, dear.

  14. I can relate to the lack of desire to blog! All the best switching your classroom Barb... hope it goes smoothly. :) Have a great weekend!

  15. Sounds like you had the most relaxing break! It's hard to blog in the summer when there are just so many other things to do (or not!). Good luck with your new teaching year - coming from a family of teachers, I know what that's all about! :)

  16. Blogging is not what it used to be if you ask me. I don't think that there is a need to blog everyday, or every week, there are so many blogs out there it is hard for readers to keep up, so they take a break as well. So no worries! I missed ya, but I knew you'd be back {or at least I hoped} Oh man, I am an empty nester for the first time and yes, our house is WAY too big. Well it was way too big when everyone was here, but now it feels odd to have all this space by ourselves. It's almost embarrassing to tell people it is just my husband and I living here..Odd, but what I noticed the most is that we have more refrigerator space because we don't buy as much food. It's weird to get used to. So if you can, do go smaller. Yes, they come back but for a short time {hopefully} and when you have grandkids, there isn't as much space for them to mess up :) Love that painting, maybe cause I have one too!


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