IDS West 2013

Despite my crazy busy life (hence the lack of blog posts), I managed to squeeze in an evening of decor goodness by attending the Interior Design Show West Opening night party. Not only was it a feast for the eyes, but I was able to hang out with blogging besties! And the highlight...was meeting Canadian design guru, Brian Gluckstein!

Photo courtesy of Michelle Mollinga 

Here are a few iPhone photos I snapped of a few favourite things that caught my eye.

By far my favourite booth was the Montauk Sofa booth. 
 LOVED the rug and the large oversized mural.

 Having a little fun with Rosa, Tracey and Meesh!

I noticed a reoccurring theme of over-sized wall murals. For me it was a throwback to my 70's upbringing where a large forest wall mural was the decor du jour.

And if I had $1300 just kicking around, this throw would of come home with me!

My other favourite exhibits were the GE Monogram Dinner by Design tables. This one was designed by Kelly Deck.

An ethereal dining scene designed by Sophie Burke.

For the geography lovers, isn't this carved-wood table fabulous? Shaped like BC!

These felt bowls were a hit with a few bloggers/photographers among us, we lost them at this table for quite some time. know you who are!

  I personally would of taken this ceramic cup and coffee filter set home. 
To. die. for. 
But my klutzy self held back. It would probably last a day at my house and then meet it's demise on my tiled kitchen floor.

Loved the juxtaposition of the live edged wood mixed with the smooth modern lucite base.

It was an enjoyable evening out. Wish I had time to go back to hear all the amazing line-up of speakers. 
There is always next year.

XO Barbara


  1. Yes, I'm drooling on this side of the water at all the eye candy! Kelly Deck definitely knocked it out of the park again!! If we didn't have the Victoria Vintage Fair to prep for, I would have made the trip to see all this decor goodness for myself. Thank you for sharing...

  2. Thanks for the inspiration, looks like a very fun night!
    Dannyelle @

  3. Loving all the dining room setups. I adore setting a beautiful table for a dinner party.

  4. Errr sorry 'bout that B.... but those felt bowls were just the most adorable things EVER! I ended up taking home THREE of them!!!! Glad we met back up and I have to say that it was a really fun night, the food afterwards was relish!!!!! Great photos BTW.

  5. Okay the food was delish ....... not relish!!! Stupid spell correct!!!!!

  6. Sounds like a fun night! I would have been oggling over those felt bowls too - so cute!

  7. Wow, lovely photos. Glad you were able to take some time away from the classroom!

  8. Thanks for the re-cap Barbara - Things are so busy I couldn't make it over this year :( Looks like you guys had a great night!

  9. Wow Barbara that event looked fabulous, thanks for the tour around!

  10. Nice round-up! I didn't even notice you taking all those pictures. I still think you should get that cup and saucer set....just be extra, extra, extra careful! It would be worth it.Thanks for a fun night out!

  11. Guilty as charged! Those wool bowls sucked me in!!! Happy (almost) Friday Barb!

  12. Love your pictures! I can see quite a few of those things in my home, sigh.....

  13. How fantastic! Love your photos... They made me feel part of it! Pinning for future inspiration!

  14. Great photos Barbara! I SOO want that $1300 throw....just not the price tag. It does look SOOO cozy.


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