New Shop In Town

Recently I was introduced to a fabulous online decor shop called PlaidFox.

 "PlaidFox?" You say. 

Catchy, eh?

PlaidFox is an online decor shop with curated items, rotating items as they become available therefore always keeping their inventory fresh.

And the bonus when shopping on PlaidFox if you are Canadian? 


Say what? Yes. They are Canadian. And not only are they Canadian, they are from MY neck of the woods. No shop set up in Toronto (even though I do love you Toronto, you seem to get all the fun).

Say you visit PlaidFox and get overwhelmed with all the fabulousness, why not take their style test to narrow down your choices?

I took the test (easy, peasy BTW) and got Coastal Style as my first design style and Industrial as my second. I say they nailed that on the head!!! 

Here is my Coastal/Industrial Style room that if I won the lottery I would use PlaidFox to decorate my living room.

1  |   2  |  3  |  4  |  5  |  6

Nice, eh? 

Hop over to PlaidFox and get your shopping on. 

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  1. So yes, I know those rascally guys from Plaidfox and would love to introduce you to them too. I think they would love to know that you have mentioned them on your well known blog too. I'll give them the heads up :-) Have a fabulous weekend B!


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