{monday, monday}

I had a great weekend, how about you? 

Mine was full of friends, family, furniture and fabric!

On Friday I meant to hop into a local fabric store  just to buy drapery lining and more self-covering buttons {working on the second headboard}, they were out of buttons and instead I left with an armful of fabric. Couldn't help myself - 50% off. My only wish is for at least one of the two local fabric stores {one touts itself as an interiors specialty store} to carry on-trend fabric, getting tired of seeing toile.

My Friday improved when I checked my inbox to find an email from a known website that wants one of my projects. Can't say more until it is a done deal but I was elated nonetheless.

I think they found me because of this:

featured my daughter's room in her Stonington Gray post, which subsequently got posted on Benjamin Moore's Facebook page. Amazing the power of the internet and twitter.
Thanks Abbe!

On Saturday I had the pleasure of meeting up again with Nancy from Marcus Design and Victoria from Design Ties for lunch. I was privileged to get a tour of Nancy's house, which in my opinion is "so Nancy", stunning and classy. She is such a sweet and amazing person.

Marcus Design

Did you know that Nancy and I have almost led similar lives? We went to the same elementary school and high school, the same university, majored in the sciences, lived in the same neighbourhood, have the same passions, both started blogs about the same time and love design, the only difference is we are a decade apart. 

Another funny coincidence, we both won a prize from Kelly at Jax Does Design's bribery giveaways!

We still comment on what an eerie coincidence it is. 

 Nancy and I got a tour of Victoria's beautiful historical home, that is perched on a hill overlooking the Fraser River in New Westminster. She and her husband have done such amazing work on the house. Her kitchen, gorgeous! 

Edin Design

Victoria also gave Nancy and I a tour of her historical neighbourhood FULL of amazing beautiful historical homes, some in shameful disrepair while others lovingly restored. 

We then hit a non-descript grill, enjoyed lunch and great conversation. We spent most of our 5 hours together talking non-stop. The conversation flowed easily. What a pleasure it is to find two talented women with a passion for all things design and art related AND can understand the world of blogging. 


After lunch we hit some fantastic antique/junk shops. Mostly overpriced, as they are in a prime location. Victoria mentioned that many movies are filmed on that street which is reflected in the prices. That didn't deter me from scoring a deal though! I got this chair for $50! 

So to add to my list of projects I am planning on re-upholstering this beauty. Not sure if I should paint the wood, if so I tend to steer towards black, maybe I'll go outside the comfort zone and paint it white!

Hope you had a wonderful weekend - now onto a new week. What projects are you working on? Or are you feeling panicked like me, feeling that Christmas is taking over blog land and that I am somehow already behind?


  1. Your daughters rooms is wonderful - that headboard is downright luscious :) I have one fabric store here, same complaint.. maybe there is a need in the market?!!

  2. Busy weekend! I have yet to meet another design blogger in my area. That must have been so much fun. Most (translation: none!) of my friends have the passion for design that I do.

  3. nice rooms! I haven't even started my Christmas shopping yet! I hope to tackle DIY chalkboard candles this week!! :)

  4. nice rooms! I haven't even started my Christmas shopping yet! I hope to tackle DIY chalkboard candles this week!! :)

  5. I just found your blog and I love it! We follow eachother on twitter but I am following your blog now too! Thanks for the fun.


  6. Love those fabrics you picked up! I just love fabrics, can't ever get enough:)

  7. Awww, thanks for the super sweet mention Barbara!! So excited to now get to call you my friend and not just my 'blogging' buddy :) I had such a fun time with you and Victoria this weekend and I am already waiting for the next get-together. AND I'm sooo excited to see what the future holds for this gorgeous chair. What a find! Hope your new week is starting off great.
    Nancy xox

  8. Wow Barbara - I can not wait to see what project of yours is going to be featured! And by who! Congrats! Any luck with fabric.com? I know whatever you do, that chair is going to be gorgeous. I'm starting on my roman shade this week - I'm a little nervous about the lining. Fingers crossed...

  9. Wow sounds like a great day together! The chair was a total score, congrats!!

  10. Sounds like a fun week! Can't wait to hear more about your project that will be featured :)


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