{Lucky Me: I Won A Giveaway!}

Lucky me!

 I won another giveaway! 
{I have yet to share my other giveaway wins from the summer - I know - bad blogger}

This time .....

 I won a free personalized blog design with Katie Lane from DreamUp Studios

from Jax Does Design (another great Canadian blog)

Thanks Kelly!

I have been wanting to re-vamp my blog so the timing couldn't be more perfect. When I entered the giveaway, I didn't think I would win. 

The day of the draw, I thought, I'll take a peek and see who won. 

Well, there was my blog name for all to see  - I think I let out a scream!

Now I need to decide on a template and how I want it designed - I can be so indecisive. 

Can't wait for a new look!

My husband even thinks I should change my blog name {he is in marketing so he thinks I should name my blog related more to what I do - which is what? DIY? Nesting? OCDing? I kind of like hodge:podge - It's the way I work - kind of scattered} 

What do you think?


 feeling the love in blog land. 

My blog was featured at Cherished Treasures yesterday!

Thanks for the love Terry!


  1. Ooooh, great prize! Can't wait to see your new look!


  2. Congratulations Barbara, we are all jealous of that prize ;) I for one love your blog name, but mine doesn't really relate to interiors either.. =) Have a great day, and I am looking forward to see your new design!

  3. Congrats Babrabra! I can't wait to see your new look (not that you need one though!). And I can't imagine you with a name other than hodge:podge. But if you do decide to change, I'm sure it will be something great!

  4. I thought so - I like my "name" as well. That's what you get when you are married to a marketing director!

  5. Congrats Barbara! What a wonderful surprise for you! Angie xo

  6. Congrats on winning my giveaway, and thanks to Katie for offering such a great prize! She really has a knack for capturing a blogger's personality, so I know your new design is going to be a perfect reflection of you :-) Have fun creating your new design!


    PS I like the name Hodge:Podge :-)

  7. YAY Barbara!! I am so excited you won, and I can't wait to see the new design. But I say stick with hodge:podge, I like it!

    Hope you are having a good Monday :) Can't wait till next Saturday!
    Nancy xo

  8. Congratulations on your win. I loved the tutorial of the finished headboard. It made me want to go out and buy fabric and redo the chairs in my dining room.

  9. I too won a blog makeover and I haven't figured out what I want. Its hard to decide. I have to admit the name Hodge Podge doesn't quite capture how classy your blog and projects/makeovers are. I never think of you as scattered. With all the projects you've finished I wish I could your kind of scattered.
    Have fun with it,


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