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My husband never ceases to amaze me with his internet finds. Now with his newest toy, an iPad, he is a twitter extroidinaire and keeps his finger on the pulse of the latest news and even sends me links to design finds! He has taken to reading Design Milk's Flipboard which brought these cool maps by Axis Maps to my attention, as a hint for Christmas. We both love maps as art, he especially loves them and collects maps from his travels. 

I have always loved typography, I guess it comes from my high school drafting course days when I loved practicing lettering {we weren't allowed to use the computer, had to be done by hand}, even working for an engineering firm in university where they let me do the lettering for their blueprints. Typography is a wonderful combination of art with {in my opinion} math/science. It's precise and follows a pattern. Does that make any sense?

Check out these maps!

These maps of Chicago and Boston are made up entirely of words!





I stumbled across this typography map of London from Blanka, in the UK.

After searching a bit more I came across these from Ork Posters:

{I think MadeByGirl had this one in her office?}

Can I just say I LOVE these!
I think I might have to buy a few, hmmm...
which ones?

Photo source: {1,2.3,4} Axis Maps
{5, 6, 7}  Ork Posters


  1. Love Ork posters, but had never seen those other typography maps from design milk! Will have to go and take a look at them! :)

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Something went wrong with the Design Milk photos so I linked up to the original source: Axis Maps


  3. I love maps too! These are sooo awesome! I especially love the ones of Chicago [as that is where i am from!]

  4. those are great! Love that your husband is so design enthused :)

  5. Yummy! I want the one of Manhattan, so chic!! Plus I'm ll pumped cause I'll be heading to NY this Christmas :)
    PS. Thanks for showing me the way on twitter!!
    Nancy xo

  6. These maps are SO cool! I love using letters & words as art, and I love maps :-)

    I can't get Twitter to work on my iPad - maybe your hubby can tell me what I'm doing wrong!



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