{dreamy kitchens}

I love kitchens. 
 I dream of having the perfect kitchen {one day}as it is the heart of our home.
We are currently renting our home while we wait to find our perfect home, in the meantime I have serious kitchen envy. 

I am not saying that our current kitchen is bad, I have seen worse. It is just stuck in a 90's oak time warp. It has great bones, solid oak cabinets, lots of counter space and tons of storage. It has so much potential. But...
I don't think the owners of the home would appreciate me painting their cabinets, they are of the "never-paint-perfectly-great-wood"generation.

So instead I dream.......{and wait}

to have a kitchen like this one day.

 This kitchen by fabulous Canadian designer, Tommy Smythe has to be one of my favourites. It is in my {dream} kitchen file. The mix of black, white, stainless steel, marble and rustic elements makes it an absolute dream.

Another fantastic kitchen in my {dream} kitchen file is Margot Austin's kitchen. Margot is the senior design editor at one of my favourite Canadian decor magazines, Style at Home. If you think you have seen this kitchen before on my blog, you have. It took part of a What's Your Style in One Picture challenge From The Right Bank

Lastly, this gorgeous kitchen from the January 2010 issue of Style At Home, has also made it into the {dream} kitchen file. Even the stools are fantastically glamourous with their nailhead trim.

So while I cook and bake in my not-so-glamourous-oak-with-mismatched-appliances kitchen I will {dream} of one day washing dishes in my gleaming farmhouse sink while tap dancing on hardwood floors, rummaging for canned goods behind white cabinet doors, rolling out cookie dough on marble counters and whipping up a Kraft gourmet dinner on a shiny stainless steel stove.


  1. Yes, I love these too! They are all so beautiful!

  2. that first one is stunning, my dream kitchen, as well!

  3. They are so beautiful. I'm not sure I could cook in them I would just want to sit and look around.

  4. Love this post! I heart all of these kitchens, they are totally in my dream home file :) One day we will get our dream kitchens, maybe it will make me more motivated to go from Kraft to gourmet!! :)
    Nancy xo

  5. I love the rustic looking island with wheels. It's a beautiful color and just functional enough to not be just easy on the eyes. I also dream of the perfect kitchen.

  6. Great pics!! That last one is one of my all time faves.

  7. Great pics!! That last one is one of my all time faves.

  8. The top charcoal and white one is one of my favourites of all time- just adore it. I'm about to start work on mine and fingers crossed it turns out even close to as pretty as some of these inspiration shots- pretty sure they had a MUCH larger budget than mine:)

  9. I just love the floor in the first few pictures. Lovely!


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