Outdoor Extravaganza: Paint Projects

With summer around the corner, and the weather improving it's a great time to spruce up any furniture or accessories that have seen better days with paint. Even your house can look like a million dollars with a fresh coat of paint.  Since we aren't sure where we will be living this fall, I am not sure what I should do with my patio furniture. I think they could use a fresh coat of paint and new cushions. But I don't want to invest in the time right now. I have a '"thing" for lanterns and a few of my lanterns have been exposed to the elements over the years looking rusty, dusty and a few insects have moved in. 

After dusting off the cobwebs, sanding down the old layer of paint and a fresh coat of Rustoleum's black spray paint in a flat finish, I took my dilapidated lantern from blah to wow! It also received the glam treatment with a bit of Rub'N'Buff!  A bit of gold always gives black a bit of zip!

What painting projects have you tackled? Show us your stuff below!


  1. Beautiful and classy Barbara - as your work always is. Thanks so much for hosting:)

  2. Sweet....have 2 lanterns to paint also and had not thought of the rub n buff!!


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