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May 24, 2013

Today I get the pleasure (note my sarcasm) of participating in my school's Sports Day. Picture this......over 300 children screaming on a field, where there they eat donuts, candy and hot dogs, not my idea of a calm Friday activity.

This week has also been quite a stressful one on the home front. My husband is currently interviewing for two different jobs. He has been offered a job at one company, and endured 2 incredibly challenging interviews for the second job. The first job offer would require us to move. Not to move to some bustling exciting locale, but to a small community nestled in the Rocky Mountains, near the Montana and Alberta borders. I have always lived in or near a major city....Vancouver, Edmonton and Washington DC. A move to a small town terrifies me. Next week I get to visit the said town, to help us make a decision. Fingers crossed he gets an offer from the second job  - I secretly want him to get that, because we wouldn't have to move! Life is the ^%$* sometimes.

So this week I say TGIF, screaming it from the rooftops!

Here is what got me excited this week:

Love, love, love this apartment designed by Orlando, Emily Henderson's assistant.

And Kristin from The Hunted Interior knocks it out of the park on this studio suite she re-designed for Room Service Atlanta, a women's shelter. The after is stunning, especially when you see the before!

Kristen from 6th Street Design School has an inspiring series focussing on children's rooms.

A good tip by Emily in how to buy "to the trade" fabrics.

My sweet blog designer, Brittany has been working on designing fonts, check out her newest font - I love it! I have to admit, I am a bit of a font nerd. I was one of those kids that doodled and created letters instead of listening to the teacher.

And a little shout-out to two talented friends, whose incredible talents never cease to amaze me. Once again they are published! I have had the privilege of watching them work their magic!

Any plans for the weekend?

 I am running a 10 km race with my daughter on Sunday. "You are a runner?" you might ask. Well, no.... I used to run quite a bit but since working almost full time, I just manage one or two runs a week, which involves a lot of huffing and puffing. So lets just say I bit off more than I could chew on this one!

XO Barbara


  1. Love this apartment. It's gorgeous. Happy Friday!

  2. Oh! Fingers crossed on the job offer!!
    Good luck with the run as well :)

  3. Oh, I feel for you. Hang in there! My husband worked border patrol for a few years on the AB/Montana border and said it wasn't that bad :) Lots of pretty scenery...if that's any consolation.

  4. I live in a small community nestled in the rocky mountains somewhere between the Alberta and Montana borders and it's nt so bad .....

  5. Great round up! Good luck on your race!

  6. Sending positive thoughts over to your husband ;) Good luck! Now, on to the rest of your post. Love the living room and the wall of art. The font is pretty fantastic too. Love the bedroom Tracey and Karla worked on too. Great headboard!

  7. Fingers, toes, arms and legs crossed for you and hubs on the job offers! Love the gallery wall, I've been contemplating one....Good luck on the 10K too! :)

  8. You so know that I hope you don't move!!!!! Off to check your links, have a wonderful weekend B!

  9. I love the images that featured Barb! That little glimpse of the gold striped fridge in the one picture... what a great idea!!! Good luck on your race!

  10. Wow!! Good luck with your run Barbara and with the 'move' stuff... hopefully things work out for you as hoped for. I know well how it feels to move to a tiny town for work... people in my husband's line of work move a lot and I have heard that the area you are referring to has many beautiful charming little towns! Still, not the same as the city:) Enjoy your (peaceful with no yelling children) weekend!

  11. Thank you for the love B! I send hugs to you and have a wonderful weekend.

  12. Thankyou Barbara!!!! I love that you love it :) maybe we'll use it in your new design? Praying about the job/move and I hope you have a lovely weekend!! xo

  13. I can totally relate. We moved to Moose Jaw from Ottawa and to be honest, I was crying when we first arrived because I couldn't believe that small town was going to be home and then I was crying when we left, two years later because I truly did fall in the love with everything about it! Life was so simple and it was great. We are once again in a smallish town, but it's so great and we're close enough to Ottawa and Toronto so if we ever need a big city fix, we just hop in the car! Best of luck to you!

  14. We've endured unemployment a few times over the years and I know the horrible stress it leads to! It's hard to know if you should be excited to have a job again, or stressed to have to accept whatever changes the job leads to! Blah! Wishing all works out for the best for you....even if it doesn't seem like it at the beginning.

  15. crazy for that living room salon wall! wow!
    And thinking of you as you & your family anticipate your options!
    Great links to some fabulous sites!
    Are you off to West Elm?

  16. Oh man, sports day at school sounds like an extreme form of torture/punishment for teachers. Wow. Hoping you have good news in the job situation-- sounds stressful! I really hope everything works out for the best for you and your family!

  17. I loved Orlando's apartment too. He's so funny:) Hope you're run was Rad!!


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