Gardening Tips: Outdoor Extravaganza Party

Glad you stopped by for the Outdoor Extravaganza Linky Party that is being hosted by myself, Tiffany, Carmel, Shauna and Dawna

This week's party is Plants and Flowers!

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My garden is starting to grow like crazy! As a frugal gardener I love using the plants I have by dividing up the various perennials I have. It has been so much fun adding a few small purchases (from Walmart or Superstore) mixed with transplants from my mom and neighbours, and watching them grow and flourish in the garden beds. In case, you missed yesterday's post, where I shared a tour of my garden, here are my must-have perennials!

Here is how taking a small cutting of a hosta plant can eventually grow into a lush green plant with stunning floral blooms!

Hope you won't overlook the perennials in your garden, at your neighbours or at the nursery. They are like the energizer bunny, they just keep on ticking! 

Happy gardening.

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  1. Your garden is so pretty. I have no talent in the garden department so I'll just be envious of all you ladies who link up.

    1. Thanks Jennifer. I really don't have much talent. I just dig, cut and move things around!

  2. We've always wondered what our "Hummingbird Plant" was actually called! Lucifer Canna Lily! Do you get a tonne of hummingbird action from yours too? I'm going to try and head to the garden store today to pick up everything we need for our veggie garden!

  3. Love this post! I have to say, you and I have some very similar "partay"!

  4. The hostas in my garden are massive ..... I love it because it fills the garden. Hostas are a favorite of mine because they just keep coming back every year. BUT peonies are my favorite flower :-)

  5. I love your hostas - they're one of my favorites! We share some of the same plants, but mine are in the 'still trying to thrive' stages. We've been here for two years and they are getting rooted and comfortable, so hopefully this year they'll really start to bush out... we'll see!

  6. I'd love to get started on our plant/flower gardens, but the weather isn't being very cooperative - it's cold here! Plus there's an unwritten rule that we don't plant annuals here till Victoria Day weekend when the possibility of frost is over (theoretically!)

    I love colourful annuals like impatiens, but perennials really are the foundation for a beautiful garden. I love hydrangeas and hostas and ornamental grasses. I have a clematis that keeps coming back every year even though I pretty much ignore it. And my little Japanese maple comes back every year too even though I keep breaking branches off of it by mistake!

  7. I love hostas! They seem to do well no matter what!

  8. I LOVE peonies and black eyed susans... hostas too but the pesky deer family in the neighbourhood loves my hostas even more than I do:) Thanks for hosting Barbara- I didn't link up but it was fun to get some inspiration!


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