Again, I had one of those weeks where I have half written posts but none published!! The weather was spectacular here.

Can I say it again? SPECTACULAR!

It was such warm summer weather, weather we don't normally get early in May. It reminded me of our life in Virginia, when May can be incredibly warm, as the humidity hasn't set in or the bugs come out.

Life is going at warp speed, school is keeping me busy as is my garden. Life is also still so up in the air. My husband is the midst of interviews for two different companies. Both which would require a move. One more immediate and the other job would let us wait for our second daughter to graduate high school next year.

So much uncertainty has me not interested in doing too many projects around the house. The walls need a fresh coat of paint, but I am not doing my landlord's any favours....they keep asking us if we want to buy the house every time there is a major repair. Really? Bad sales tactic...trying to sell the house when the pipes burst in the crawl space, not a good idea.

But this week were here in western Canada experienced a little retail excitement! Tarjay is now open!

Yesssssss! My daughter and I hit the store late last night. Half the shelves are empty from the shopping frenzy that took place earlier in the week. We Canadians are very shopping deprived.

More loveliness to start the weekend....

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Blogpodium tickets went on sale. How I would love to attend again!

Want to know why I started blogging? I was interviewed by Shannon at AKA Design. You can read my interview here on her blog!

And last week I simply adored every square inch of Danielle Moss' apartment tour on Everygirl. be in my late 20's again and living in a chic apartment in a metropolitan center.


  1. That is a beautiful apartment in the last image.Wishing you and your husband the best job suitable to your family and lots of joy and sunny days


  2. Congratulations on getting a Target! How exciting.....hope you are not moving far?

  3. Hello Barbara! Our Tarjay opened up here on the Island this week so I just had to go! Did you like it? I got some good deals!! Now I have to go read your interview over at AKA Design and I want to see that apartment tour too!!

  4. Thank goodness that Target's about an hour's drive for us, but completely worth it! (been 3 times in about a month) ...good luck with everything on your plate!

  5. Hello Target! I'm happy for you on that one. TGIF, and I'm off to check on that tour.

  6. My selfishness doesn't want you to move!!! But of course, I wish you and your fam the best! I went to Target on opening day in the afternoon and was already surprise how empty the shelves were....Yes, we Canadians are shopping deprived! Can't wait to go back when things are restocked.

  7. Yay Tarjay!! They've been open here for a few months but I've only been twice. And I so so hope you can come to blogpodium! It would be awesome!! Hope you have a lovely weekend!! xo

  8. Yah for Target, I was super impressed! I love that apartment, yes oh to be young again :) Have a great weekend Barb!

  9. Seriously shopping deprived is right!! Especially where I live. I used my day off yesterday to drive an hour to the new target nearest to us... picked up a few fun new things!! So excited, I rarely get to retail shop these days. Read your interview at AKA - was so thrilled to learn more about you! Have a great Mother's Day weekend, seven weeks of school left:)

  10. So with you on the sigh! Wouldn't it be fun to go back? Good luck with hubby's interviews and the life-changing possibilities that lie ahead! Every move is life-changing in one way or another, and for you just think, a whole new canvas to work with! Fun!!

  11. Fabulous weather was so dreamy! Loved it!
    We had such a good Mothers Day and I hope yours was every bit as family saturated!
    As we couldn't, (or wouldn't) walk around Cultus Lake we hit Target in between scrumptious meals! ...and the shelves where still bare!
    Thinking of you and your family as you embark on these new adventures!
    Please keep us informed!


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