~A Little Canadian Goodness~

While I am waiting for my shoulder to heal I am finding time to explore the blogging world. My head is reeling from all the ideas floating around. My idea file is getting bigger!

 I am feeling an anxiety attack coming on....

I was excited when I opened my mailbox on Friday to find the latest Style at Home, a great Canadian publication, waiting for me! It is like getting a birthday present every month.

Style at Home usually features one of my favourite Canadian designers, Samantha Pynn. She has her own HGTV Canada show, Pure Design, which I love to watch. It is hard to catch though, no re-runs, because I find HGTV Canada is inundated with Holmes on Homes (re-runs galore) and such, 

but that is another story...... 

What I love about Samantha's design is her focus on eco friendly design. She re-purposes used and vintage finds, uses eco friendly paints and fabrics to put together rooms that just are absolutely amazing. 

I love this toddler's room. She had a Craigslist bed repainted that beautiful red, and using thrift store finds and paint turned an ugly space into something to feast the eyes on!

photo source: HGTV Canada

photo source: HGTV Canada

Or check out this bedroom

via decorpad

I am loving the pure elagence of this space. You can see the mix of old and new, the thrift store chest of drawers, headboard, new linens and upholstery, creating a glamourous room that I would love to relax in.

More elegance in this living room designed by Samantha

via decorpad

I love the eclectic look, the muted colours and the sparkle from the mirror, sconces and table tops. 

via HGTV

I love the pop of colour against a neutral wall. The curtains are beautiful  - a great way to add glamour and a custom look to the room by adding silk and ribbon along the bottom of pre-made curtains.  

I actually finished the project I was planning to do last weekend using burlap and upholstery nails. All it required was a staple gun and since I am left handed I was able to finish it. I am posting pictures tomorrow.


  1. No, it's not just Canadian HGTV that is giving you an over abundance of Holmes on Homes. Everytime I turn it on he's there. Not sure what the deal is but thanks for the inspirational pics.

  2. I enjoy Samantha's creations too. And I like watching Pure Design because it usually gives me ideas! Of course my husband doesn't always like me getting ideas!! HA!
    I'll be back tomorrow to see what you've created with your burlap, upholstery nails, staples and your left hand ;-)

  3. I really like Samantha's work too. Not only is there too much Holmes on Homes, but there are too many real estate shows on. I flew West Jet a couple of months ago and for the four hours plus one on the tarmac that I was on the plane that was all that was airing. Granted it wasn't prime time, but still! I enjoy your blog so much, I love Canadian blog. Hugs, Cindy S

  4. Cindy, thanks for such sweet words. I am glad you enjoy my blog. Sometimes I feel like I am not measuring up - so high school I know -am your words are so encouraging.

    As for HGTV - argh! I agree. When I lived in the US I loved the variety of shows but missed the Canadian content. I was so excited when we moved back because I was going to be able to watch my fav Canadian shows and then turned on to see Extreme Home Makeover, Holmes on Homes and real estate shows with very little decor inspiration. What happened during those few years? Sad....


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