Sneak Peak~

I was planning on running errands today but those plans were waylaid with a frantic call from the husband.
He left his trade convention invite card on the front hall table, and after being unable register online I kindly offered to drop it by his office. 

What a kind wife you say? 

No, I had other motives. 

His office is next door to Ikea and my favourite fabric store. What fun places to get hopefully get some inspiration. I never actually made it to Ikea (I bet he is glad for that) but spent an hour in the fabric store. I sent the store on a wild goose chase looking for this fabric: 

{photo via Sweet Nothings}

Why is it so hard to find good fabric here in Canada? Maybe someone out there knows how I can come across this fabric here in western Canada. I am afraid that I might not be able to afford it though because it is hard to find it might come with a price tag, I did buy a lottery ticket.

After seeing burlap ALL over blog land I decided buy a few meters. It was only $2.98/m and thought why not? I feel the need to re-cover something and I have just the project in mind. 

If I have moment this weekend between soccer games, birthday party for my now-turning-14 year old daughter and nursing my almost 40 year old shoulder (I injured my rotator cuff in an ab ball class - I know you are thinking ab ball? Somehow I attempted push-ups and that was the end of me!) I might finish my intended project. 

Come back next week to see if I actually got around to it!

Don't forget tomorrow I am having my first giveaway!


  1. I saw "sneak peak" and had to rush over and see what you were sharing! Now I'm a wee bit bummed because I have to wait for the final reveal?! But what was I to expect... you promised a sneak peak and nothing more, didn't you? ;~) So what do you hope to do if you ever find the colourful fabric?? Do I have to wait to learn that, too?! HaHa! ;-)

    Sorry to hear about your rotator cuff... that's a recuring one for me so I know how you're feeling! Take good care and take your Advil!

  2. The fabric is beautiful! I hope you are able to find it somewhere. Hope your shoulder is feeling better soon!

  3. Thanks for stopping by. I have an 8 lb ball, I'll be careful. Love, love, love the fabric on those chairs. What a WOW statement. Enjoy soccer we spent many years on fields. It was a fun time.

  4. Yup, finding amazing fabric in Canada is next to impossible. I like you choise - good luck finding it!
    - DAnielle


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